You Beauty Discovery Box – Unboxing / Review – January 2014

I was totally, totally sure that I’d posted this the other day but it seems that my brain was fooling me and I’ve done no such thing!

This is my second month of getting the You Beauty Discovery Box – In case you aren’t sure of how they work they are monthly and cost £6.95 including p+p. With the You Beauty box there is a short list of products and you pick two from that list that you want in your box plus, on top of that, you get two smaller samples (which are the same for everyone) – It’s only my second box but I’m Very impressed with these, thus far and looking forward to each subsequent box. 

The first of my short list items is the Thalgo ‘Cocooning Cleansing milk’ – I’ve not tried this brand before but I have heard of them so thought this was a great opportunity to give them a go. I don’t have sensitive skin in terms of products but I do have sensitive everything when it comes to the fibro so there’s no harm in finding something that’s going to treat my skin with extra care! This is a really good sized 50ml bottle so it’s, most definitely, within the luxury sample category and there’ll be lots of  uses from it.

I like Essie nail polishes a Lot so this one was a no brainer for me. I’m not a massive fan of magnetic nails but I do find that the polishes, themselves, can be rather lovely (though I am intrigued to find out what snakeskin magnetic nails look like so I will give this a go!) – I was hoping to get the goldy shade or the pinky shade but I got the silver shade; no real problem, though,  it’s still a nice shade and probably good that it differs from what I already have! 

First of the smaller samples is this sachet of Age Defy+ by Green People. This isn’t a brand I’ve tried before so it’ll be nice to use this at some point – It’ll get added in to my box of sachet samples for future use but it does look like it could be really good. 

I quite like the food based additions to the boxes, chocolate last month and crisps this month! I’ve still not tried these Popchips but I’m definitely looking forward to it, especially as they’re barbeque flavour – Yum! 
I definitely want to keep on getting these boxes as I think they offer a really unique way of trialling products, very different from other beauty boxes, plus they’re much more affordable and still offer fantastic samples/full sized products to try out. 
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  1. Vicky Wombwell Kuhn January 17, 2014 / 6:07 pm

    Want….so….much! I only subscribe to one beauty box right now, and I adore it – but reading a post like this makes me want more more more!! This box especially is really my cup of tea, with the sensitive cleansing milk and the Essie polish. Can't wait to read the reviews 🙂
    Love Vicky

  2. Jane george January 22, 2014 / 11:50 am

    I really think this box is one of the best around, although this was the weakest month so far. I received the nail varnish and the shampoo/ hair mask and I couldn't get the nail varnish to work for me. It is better value than all the other boxes though and in the past there has been serums worth £60 and tangle teezers. can't wait for February.

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