If you read my review of Heal Gel intensive, back in October, you’ll know I quite enjoyed using the brand. What you won’t know, yet, is that a chunk of my Christmas money went on buying Two backups as I managed to get them for a phenomenal £50 for two bottles (yes, expensive, but considering it’s normally almost £40 a bottle this was a pretty mega deal!) – So That is how much I love this stuff. I use it every morning and I feel like my skin is So much healthier, plus when I do get blemishes it heals up So much quicker.

As such, when I was offered the chance to review Heal Gel for Eyes I was saying ‘yes yes yes’ before I could even reply to the email! One of the things that I think the intensive has done for me is help with the discolouration under my eyes so I wanted to know what good the eye version would do!

The style of the packaging is the same as the other version of the product with it’s clean, simple look that mimics a ‘medical’ form/prescription/medicine bottle. It’s a nice idea considering the healthcare roots of the product and it is a nice way of putting the information across too.

You get 15ml of product in this bottle, compared to the 30 in intensive; but, of course, this is only meant to go on the eye area rather than the whole face or other parts of the body with scarring (I know I promised to try it out on other scars and stretch marks but I love it so much on my face that I just can’t bring myself to do it!)

Again, the bottle is the same style as the original, but it’s in a nice blue shade which helps differentiate between this one and the intensive. I love products that have a pump for dispensing but find that it’s tricky to learn how Much each different pump dispenses for any given product. From time to time I still over press this one and get too much product So just try to prevent being too eager with it.

It’s easy to pat this in to the eye area and it sinks in almost instantly; as it does so it has a really gentle warming feeling. I know some people have, in the past, been put off by a warming feeling in eye products but, trust me, it’s a Very gentle warming on this and it’s not at all unpleasant! It’s nice to know it’s doing something.

So, here’s the big question, have my wrinkles all magically disappeared? No, of course not! But my eye area is noticeably tighter and healthier looking and when my face is in a relaxed position my wrinkles are Greatly reduced, when I smile they come back but they are Vastly improved otherwise and I think that’s impressive. Does that mean that this is a permanent improvement and Yay my skin is always going to be taut and smooth… well duh, of course not, it’ll stay this good as long as I stay using this fabulous gem of a product!

Now, sadly my budget won’t stretch to re-purchasing it regularly, but I hope hope hope that one day my budget is better and I Can afford it. It’s not as much as some of the crazy expensive things you can get, at £32 a bottle (From Cult Beauty and Victoria Health)  it’s comparable to other high end skin care and when it lasts a good amount time I think it’d be affordable on a lot of budgets (just not a minimum wage sorta family!)

 If you are able to invest some money into your skincare then I think this is well worth giving a go – This whole range is just very good and does a much better job than I ever expected. Am I a bit of a fan? Yeah, you can be sure Heal Gel, and the whole range of products, will always be on my internal wishlist and one day I hope I can afford to have the whole range gracing my dressing table! (And I’m sure those of you with better budgets could manage that already, it wouldn’t be a bad idea!)  

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*This product was sent to me for the purpose of review but everything I’ve said is true, I genuinely love this range, I really do*

Catching up on my delayed-ness. Still a bit delayed but getting there (shame I can’t say the same for the rest of my posts!)

Day 43 was my first hot cross bun of the year. I didn’t used to like them but I really do, now, so the first one of the year is quite special. 
Day 44 I did baking with Ethan (Ok so I did baking and he didn’t want to touch it because he didn’t like the way it felt – He Did help cut the shapes out, though)
On Day 45 I ordered my wedding shoes! (I later went on to order my wedding dress and Ethan’s outdfit too!) – Day 44 was the day that it was exactly 6 months before our wedding date, too, so seemed like a good idea to get go go going!
On Day 46 Ethan and I met up for coffee with some of my old uni friends who I’ve not seen for years. Ethan really liked them both (proof being him using John as a chair as he mixed up dribbles of left over drinks) and it was so so nice to see them both again.
I was pretty exhausted on Day 47 – My couple of weeks of run down-ness and the over exertion of a day out before was a little too much! As such I let Ethan snuggle up in a nest on our sofa in our bedroom and watch Toy story whilst I tidied a bit and rested a lot.
Day 48 totally took me by surprise. I’d explained to the lovely lady that I speak to at Oqibo that I might not be able to take part in something they were doing for valentines because I’d been run down and behind on lots of things (as you may have noticed from my blogging breaks, lovely readers) and, in return, she sent me this Gorgeous scented candle to help me recuperate! The nicest thing, don’t you think! Another reason as to why they’ve become one of my favourite brands recently!
On Day 49 I saw my first snowdrops of the year! Sorry for the rubbish photo, I was holding the buggy and couldn’t get any closer! Snowdrops, yay!

Really, trying Very very hard to catch up with posts. Still feeling quite rubbish but sorting myself out and trying to get things back in to order! 

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Ok so it’s not my birthday today, but I wanted to get my giveaway going, and it’s only a few days until it actually Is my birthday!

I thought it would be really rather nice if you had the chance to celebrate with me! So, one of you, will be able to win something from Mac or Urban Decay! The winner will win one item, in the shade of their choice (from a permanent range), from the list below and it’s a worldwide giveaway to give as many of you as possible a chance to win.

The items you can pick from are either a Mac lipstick or paint pot OR an Urban Decay single eyeshadow, Revolution lipstick or Naked ultra nourishing lipgloss. Now I know there’s a lot of items in there but I want to make sure there’s something in there for everyone! Just to clarify, again, the winner will win 1 of these items and they can pick the shade (from the permanent ranges) (stock dependant, of course, but I’ll do my best to get stock if there’s an issue, as long as it can be bought for £15 or less).

So that’s it really, the giveaway will run from now until midnight on 24th March (a whole month to enter) and you’ll need to enter via the Rafflecopter below – The only mandatory entry is to follow me on Twitter, but for extra entries you can follow me on Bloglovin’, follow me on  Facebook, Tweet about the giveaway and/or Comment on this post! (If you don’t have a Bloglovin’ account and would like to know how to make one then just get in touch, always happy to help)

All that’s left to say is thank you for being one of my readers and good luck!

– You need to be 18 or over to enter
– The giveaway is open worldwide
– The winner will be picked via rafflecopter
– There will be one winner
– The winner will get 1 item, from the list of options available (with a value of £15 or under)
– The winner will have 28 days to respond to the email informing them that they’ve won – In case of failure to reply a new winner will be drawn.
– The giveaway runs until Midnight on 24th March 2014.
– Following @petitmoi_laura on twitter is the only mandatory entry
– Item will need to be ordered, delivered to myself and then posted to the winner (unless stock can be found on a site that ships internationally).

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I did a couple of orders this month that I thought would go together, nicely, as a combined haul – A mini clothing haul from H&M and a mini jewellery haul from Asos!

First up are the clothing bits, I actually ordered these at the end of Jan but they didn’t arrive until part way in to  Feb. H&M orders have always been quite slow for me; but they’re always such good bargains and such lovely clothes that I really don’t mind! Unfortunately the delay means that some of the things I got aren’t available any more, or aren’t at the same price BUT I’m going to show you any way because it can be inspiration for other ideas if nothing else! Plus places like H&M have sale sections so often that you’re likely to find something you like without much trouble!

The first item I got is this beautiful spotted, draped top which I got for £3.99 (but is now £7.99 as you’ll see if you follow the linked part) – It’s made of a really soft, hanging fabric which fits at the waist but sort of ‘wraps’ around the top and hangs quite loosely, hence the name ‘draped’ really! I really like it. It comes in a variety of colours or patterns but I really wanted something a bit different and this was it for me.
This was a little treat for Ethan as he’s a bit obsessed so he went crazy for these Angry birds socks – I managed to get them in the sale section for only £2 which was a total bargain (unfortunately not available any more) – But the kids range is just so nice, really really good quality and lots of fun, I think I shall be keeping an eye on it for whenever Ethan needs new clothes.
Lastly, and my favourite item from the haul, is this Grey floral sweatshirt which Is still available at the bargain price of £5.99 – Honestly in love with it. The fabric is thin but has a soft, warm layer to make it more than a t-shirt and I just love the design. I love wearing this with skinny jeans and a vest underneath – I wanted to get this for the more transnational months, where it was not quite as cold as winter but still not warm. I’d live in this if I could, it’s so comfy and I think it looks really nice too (normally I find comfort ends up giving up some of the pretty, but not in this case)

Next I’m going to show you a couple of bits of jewellery that I picked up in the Asos sale, bargains again, I really am a sucker for a bargain. 

I always breathe a sigh of relief when something I show you is still in stock because I hate the idea of you loving something and not being able to get it (though as I said above, still show it for inspiration and an idea of what can be bought) – This is one of those instances, yay! The Orelia mixed charm necklace sang out to me because I love the deep, tarnished gold effect as well as the vintagey style charms. I didn’t expect the white effect on some of the chain but I do quite like it now that I’ve got it – This necklace was originally £28 but I got it for a bargainous £7 (I get so excited just typing it, bargains of that magnitude make me Very happy)
This chunky bangle is the other item I bought and, although it’s a lot bigger than I normally go for, it really caught my eye – What can I say, you like what you like! Unfortunately this one isn’t still available but there’s lots of other jewellery in the sale (Sorry, I just can’t help but being an enabler, I love posts that point me in the right direction for bargains!) – I got this for £5.50, I can’t be sure how much it was originally but I do think it was a rather good saving.

So there you go! I lovely little haul – Some big bargains and some pretty pieces. And just when you thought all the hauling was slowing down after the Christmas boom… it’s my birthday in less than a week so it’ll be haul crazy again, I hope you’re prepared! 


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 Ok so I’m quite late in getting this post up… or rather Very Very late! It’s almost time to do the next one!

So let’s get going before I lose any more time! 

Day 36 was all about this very blog – It was down for over 48 hours so the relief of it being sorted out was massive! 
On Day 37 I couldn’t help but smile when watching my baby practising drawing his letters (Even if it does mean admitting he’s not a baby any more!)
Day 38 saw the arrival of Ethan’s dolly, her name is Summer and he loves her a lot.

Day 39 – I really got the giggles when I heard ‘Mummy I got a ‘ustache’ and looked up to see this!
On Day 40 I was really happy when trying to pick out stamp designs for our wedding invites – My Mum is making them and they’re going to be beautiful. The invites feel pretty massive, too, it’ll mean people are, officially, coming!
On Day 41 I decided to wear a red lipstick, after not having done so in ages, this Mirror shine lipstick, by Seventeen, in ‘Roasted Red’ (which I got for my birthday, early, from my best mate) made it so easy to wear a red lip, again, as it was sheer, but buildable and a really good shade. 
And, lastly, Day 42 was the day that my Mum managed to get to Ikea so I was able to get the, rather infamous, Alex drawer unit! I didn’t get it, totally, put together until the next day but I spent hours putting it together that evening. It’s made organising my make-up, skincare and body care So so much easier! 
Sorry about the lateness – I’ve been really run down and just not feeling my best, plus an onslaught of headaches which has kept me away from technology, hoping to get a bit more caught up very very soon! 

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