Heal Gel for Eyes – Review

If you read my review of Heal Gel intensive, back in October, you’ll know I quite enjoyed using the brand. What you won’t know, yet, is that a chunk of my Christmas money went on buying Two backups as I managed to get them for a phenomenal £50 for two bottles (yes, expensive, but considering it’s normally almost £40 a bottle this was a pretty mega deal!) – So That is how much I love this stuff. I use it every morning and I feel like my skin is So much healthier, plus when I do get blemishes it heals up So much quicker.

As such, when I was offered the chance to review Heal Gel for Eyes I was saying ‘yes yes yes’ before I could even reply to the email! One of the things that I think the intensive has done for me is help with the discolouration under my eyes so I wanted to know what good the eye version would do!

The style of the packaging is the same as the other version of the product with it’s clean, simple look that mimics a ‘medical’ form/prescription/medicine bottle. It’s a nice idea considering the healthcare roots of the product and it is a nice way of putting the information across too.

You get 15ml of product in this bottle, compared to the 30 in intensive; but, of course, this is only meant to go on the eye area rather than the whole face or other parts of the body with scarring (I know I promised to try it out on other scars and stretch marks but I love it so much on my face that I just can’t bring myself to do it!)

Again, the bottle is the same style as the original, but it’s in a nice blue shade which helps differentiate between this one and the intensive. I love products that have a pump for dispensing but find that it’s tricky to learn how Much each different pump dispenses for any given product. From time to time I still over press this one and get too much product So just try to prevent being too eager with it.

It’s easy to pat this in to the eye area and it sinks in almost instantly; as it does so it has a really gentle warming feeling. I know some people have, in the past, been put off by a warming feeling in eye products but, trust me, it’s a Very gentle warming on this and it’s not at all unpleasant! It’s nice to know it’s doing something.

So, here’s the big question, have my wrinkles all magically disappeared? No, of course not! But my eye area is noticeably tighter and healthier looking and when my face is in a relaxed position my wrinkles are Greatly reduced, when I smile they come back but they are Vastly improved otherwise and I think that’s impressive. Does that mean that this is a permanent improvement and Yay my skin is always going to be taut and smooth… well duh, of course not, it’ll stay this good as long as I stay using this fabulous gem of a product!

Now, sadly my budget won’t stretch to re-purchasing it regularly, but I hope hope hope that one day my budget is better and I Can afford it. It’s not as much as some of the crazy expensive things you can get, at £32 a bottle (From Cult Beauty and Victoria Health)  it’s comparable to other high end skin care and when it lasts a good amount time I think it’d be affordable on a lot of budgets (just not a minimum wage sorta family!)

 If you are able to invest some money into your skincare then I think this is well worth giving a go – This whole range is just very good and does a much better job than I ever expected. Am I a bit of a fan? Yeah, you can be sure Heal Gel, and the whole range of products, will always be on my internal wishlist and one day I hope I can afford to have the whole range gracing my dressing table! (And I’m sure those of you with better budgets could manage that already, it wouldn’t be a bad idea!)

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  1. Sarah Revill February 28, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    Since going beyond 30 ive noticed my eyes are not as youthful as i'd quite like, I might have to give this a try 🙂

    • admin February 28, 2014 / 10:06 pm

      Yeah, I turned 28 today and things have been becoming a little more wrinkly for a while now, this stuff is great for that xx

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