H+M and Asos combined haul – Clothing and Jewellery – February 2014

I did a couple of orders this month that I thought would go together, nicely, as a combined haul – A mini clothing haul from H&M and a mini jewellery haul from Asos!

First up are the clothing bits, I actually ordered these at the end of Jan but they didn’t arrive until part way in to  Feb. H&M orders have always been quite slow for me; but they’re always such good bargains and such lovely clothes that I really don’t mind! Unfortunately the delay means that some of the things I got aren’t available any more, or aren’t at the same price BUT I’m going to show you any way because it can be inspiration for other ideas if nothing else! Plus places like H&M have sale sections so often that you’re likely to find something you like without much trouble!

The first item I got is this beautiful spotted, draped top which I got for £3.99 (but is now £7.99 as you’ll see if you follow the linked part) – It’s made of a really soft, hanging fabric which fits at the waist but sort of ‘wraps’ around the top and hangs quite loosely, hence the name ‘draped’ really! I really like it. It comes in a variety of colours or patterns but I really wanted something a bit different and this was it for me.
This was a little treat for Ethan as he’s a bit obsessed so he went crazy for these Angry birds socks – I managed to get them in the sale section for only £2 which was a total bargain (unfortunately not available any more) – But the kids range is just so nice, really really good quality and lots of fun, I think I shall be keeping an eye on it for whenever Ethan needs new clothes.
Lastly, and my favourite item from the haul, is this Grey floral sweatshirt which Is still available at the bargain price of £5.99 – Honestly in love with it. The fabric is thin but has a soft, warm layer to make it more than a t-shirt and I just love the design. I love wearing this with skinny jeans and a vest underneath – I wanted to get this for the more transnational months, where it was not quite as cold as winter but still not warm. I’d live in this if I could, it’s so comfy and I think it looks really nice too (normally I find comfort ends up giving up some of the pretty, but not in this case)

Next I’m going to show you a couple of bits of jewellery that I picked up in the Asos sale, bargains again, I really am a sucker for a bargain. 

I always breathe a sigh of relief when something I show you is still in stock because I hate the idea of you loving something and not being able to get it (though as I said above, still show it for inspiration and an idea of what can be bought) – This is one of those instances, yay! The Orelia mixed charm necklace sang out to me because I love the deep, tarnished gold effect as well as the vintagey style charms. I didn’t expect the white effect on some of the chain but I do quite like it now that I’ve got it – This necklace was originally £28 but I got it for a bargainous £7 (I get so excited just typing it, bargains of that magnitude make me Very happy)
This chunky bangle is the other item I bought and, although it’s a lot bigger than I normally go for, it really caught my eye – What can I say, you like what you like! Unfortunately this one isn’t still available but there’s lots of other jewellery in the sale (Sorry, I just can’t help but being an enabler, I love posts that point me in the right direction for bargains!) – I got this for £5.50, I can’t be sure how much it was originally but I do think it was a rather good saving.

So there you go! I lovely little haul – Some big bargains and some pretty pieces. And just when you thought all the hauling was slowing down after the Christmas boom… it’s my birthday in less than a week so it’ll be haul crazy again, I hope you’re prepared! 


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  1. Helen G February 23, 2014 / 5:11 pm

    love the jumper! the pattern is so nice

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. you can win nearly £150 worth of high-end skincare on my blog, if you fancy entering! click here

  2. Sharon Taylor February 23, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    Love the floral sweatshirt, I'm after a floral sweatshirt, hoping to find something next week on my giant shopping trip (although I never find anything I like when I've saved the money for a spree), I'm heading in H&M so this is very tempting – if they have it in that is!

    I buy my little cousin Zoe, and sometimes Michael, clothes from H&M, they're such great quality and fun, on top of that the price is a lot more reasonable than some places.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

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