My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream Review

I’m on a bit of a mission when it comes to skincare at the moment, less than six months until I get married so I want to find something perfect for clearing up my skin – I will Not have blemishes on my wedding day. Can’t say I know whether or not it’ll be 100% in my control that but I’m going to do everything I can none the less.

With that said, when someone offers me the chance to trial some skin care, the answer is going to be yes! To be honest, even if it wasn’t for the wedding, I’ve been crazy for the skincare products for ages now and love learning more about it and testing it is something I really enjoy.

I really like the packaging of ‘My Trusty Little Sunflower Cream‘; sleek, simple and pretty plus the tube is extra shiny which just feels really nice to hold. As well as this I love the idea behind it – It’s not often that you see the NHS symbol on the back of a tube! The cream was developed by Salisbury district hospital for patients, which means it has a rather impressive background, I’m a big fan of products that have a medical history as well as beauty. It really does offer an extra layer to its pedigree; it’s been trialled by people who’ve been in real need of a good product and in a place where people of all types will have had the chance to try it. The fact that it’s roots were formed within the hospital environment and now it’s branched out into the beauty world speaks volumes to me and I’m sure it does to many of you too (It’s not something we see on a very regular basis)

I went for the unscented option, the other choice was lavender, as I prefer that for something I’m planning on putting on my face – This does have a really subtle scent but nothing overwhelming and nothing that lingers once it’s on the skin (even when it’s on the face). The only way I can describe the texture of the cream is that it, initially, seems thick but once you start rubbing it in it feels really light; it sinks in so so fast! Honestly, sometime it’ll sink in before you’ve finished rubbing it in!

The claims are that this is a real multi-use product and can be used for face, body and hands so as well as the first two I’ve used it on my elbows so that I’ve given it a try in every area. Once it sinks in there’s a slight feel of it on the skin, to begin with, but within 30 seconds it’s gone and it just leaves a beautiful plump, soft healthy feeling behind. I imagine that the healthy feeling has something to do with the sunflower oil which makes up 5% of the formula as it’s claimed that it replaces fatty acids within the skin – I’m not a scientist so I don’t know how that works, but it definitely sounds good to me. When it comes to good sounding thing the fact that it has no parabens in, too, is a definite bonus as I know it will be for many more of you – Seems to be a big draw for the majority now, and understandably so.

I’m not sure I’ll carry on using this on my face because I prefer to have something that is more active when it comes to facial skincare but I will definitely carry on using this on my hands and body – I have to stop typing every now and again to rub my fingers together as I just applied it to my hands and they feel so soft! I think this is a real gem of a multi-use product, just imagine you’re packing a bag for some time away and you need to save space; with this cream you’ve got hands, face and body all in one! It really does do wonders for all three.

The 100ml tube, which is what I’ve had to test, retails at a very reasonable £6.99 (a little goes a long way) and all of the profit made by the cream goes back in to patient care, which is a rather nice thought. I don’t think this is going to be my only hand cream, or only body cream, but I do think I am going to keep a bottle in my collection from now on as it’s just really good, really simple and does the job – I can imagine lots of times when something like this will fit the bill (Talking of weddings again, I think this will go in my overnight bag for our stay in the hotel on the wedding night, space saving is always tough).

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