Our favourite wooden train track builds – Mostly using toys by BigJigs

Ethan loves trains – He got given a toy Thomas the Tank Engine when he was really small and, despite knowing nothing else about Thomas, he loved it. His first Thomas dvd came along shortly after (one which included plenty of the old series’ of course!) and he became a massive fan/obsessive. The first wooden track we got him was a set from Mother Care, and it became a firm favourite, but since then we’ve only bought bits by BigJigs, which is why I mentioned them in the title. A small part of his collection is the original set but 80% of what he has is BigJigs (And a lot of that was bought before we’d even heard of the Play Patrol yet alone been accepted as a member so this Really is nothing to do with that and all to do with the fact that we Love the brand).I’m not going to go in to what pieces he has and when he got them etc as I just started doing that and it was a Lot of writing for a post which is most to, mostly, be pictures. So, if you want to know if any of the pieces are from his original set, or from BigJigs, just ask away in the comments and leave a Twitter name/email address and I’ll get back to you and let you know.

The reason for the post is that I wanted to show you the fun tracks that we’ve made over the past couple of years – Ethan’s incredibly lucky to have a massive amount of track due to gifts from us, from other family, from friends and, of course, some bits which we reviewed for BigJigs.
Some of these tracks were made by Azii and some were made by me (In all honestly I couldn’t tell you which were which, Azii makes the best tracks but I have had a few gems myself!)

Ethan really likes ones with lots of ’round and round’ parts.
He also likes them wriggly…
Veeeery wriggly!
This one is practically a work of art.
Getting pretty complex (I like ones that have no dead ends)
Too big for the table, time to move down to the floor.
Lots of dead ends but it was built, mostly, because Ethan wanted to put a road with a track as his road was new then. He has had more bits, for Christmas, which mean that we have actual parts to connect the road and the track together really well now but all the photos of those tracks have come out blurry which is a shame.
I had to add this one in as it’s the busiest track Ever AND Gandalf is at the train station – What an exciting track that was!

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