Our latest Play Patrol Mission for BigJigs – Road and Rail Overground Platform review

It’s that time again, time for Ethan to get crazy excited because he recognises the BigJigs logo from a mile away, our latest Play Patrol mission arrived and it’s a good’un! The Road and Rail Overground Platform is just the perfect sort of thing for us to review as it fits with the train set that Ethan has loved for so long as well as the roadway pieces which BigJigs sent us in our last mission.

The moment we got this out of the delivery packaging both Ethan and I were quite excited – Ethan, because he’s Always excited to get something new for his trains and me because I thought that this was exactly the sort of piece that would allow us to integrate his road and rail whilst allowing for an extra level of role play.

Since BigJigs sent us the roadway set, last year, we’ve already got Ethan a number of pieces that link the road and the rail (he got an amazing set from my Grandparents for christmas) and they’re all really good but they focus on the vehicle side of things rather than the more human aspect so it’s nice to have something where he’ll be able to act out little scenarios with people as well as trains! Ethan’s excited about it for slightly different, slightly simpler reasons ‘It’s up high!’.

It’s nice; when we first got Ethan his train tracks he wasn’t able to put them together at all but now he’ll assemble whole little tracks himself so when the set arrived he wasn’t going to let me put the pieces together that was His job! I think that building train tracks has really helped him develop his dexterity.

As soon as we set up our platform it was time for the first passenger to catch his train – The farmer drove his tractor all the way to the station and then made his way up to the platform; Ethan really enjoyed helping his little characters get so involved. 

You’ll notice I always mention the little details when I’m talking about BigJigs but that’s because it’s one of the ways in which they excel and this piece is no exception. I absolutely love that they’ve included little signs to indicate a ‘Taxi Loading’ bay, another little way to have conversations with Ethan about the dynamics of transport – I kid you not, we have conversations about that sort of thing a lot ‘Can we get a taxi to London?’ etc. (The answer is no, it takes 3 hours on a coach, imagine the cost of a taxi fare!)

The stairs are a nice addition, too, I imagine that most little ones are just like Ethan and wouldn’t have a problem with making their figures jump from road level to train level but it’s nice to have stairs none the less!

Sorry about the quality of this last photo, the rubbish light means that my camera didn’t want to play nice! This piece is probably my favourite for integrating the road pieces in to the rail – It’s lots of fun and it adds that, really good, extra element of human role play to the games that Ethan has. (I had to specify human because Ethan does lots of train role play, his trains talk to each other just like they do in Thomas cartoons)

As always, the quality is what I’ve come to expect from BigJigs and it all just ‘works’ – Keep up the good work, BigJigs! (And based upon their trade catalogue I think they really will be!)

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