Primark Haul – February 2014

Another month another haul! (Two mini hauls, actually but that’s just being picky!)

My camera seemed intent on annoying me when I took this photo, it’s made the vest on the left look like a really pale nude colour but it’s actually a much deeper dusky pink, it’s Such a pretty vest and I got it for £3 (I think?) The vest on the right was another must have as I really love teal at the moment, it was one of the £2 ones (maybe? Why have I forgotten the prices of the vest!)

The socks weren’t for me, surprisingly, a little present for Azii and you can never go wrong with Batman socks! These were only £1.50 which is rather cool! 

I was very very pleased to get this dress. I saw it back a little before Christmas but held off from buying it because I was being sensible and it was £10 (not a lot but more than I wanted to spend) so coming in to store and finding that it was marked down to £5 was a real ‘yay!’ moment!

This is the highlight of my second haul – I am absolutely in love with this scarf! The shade of grey is so pretty and the roses being ever so slightly coloured with a hint of pink! And the script on it is beautiful and, and. Yeah ok, in love with a scarf, can’t say much more about it really! A nice little bargain for £4 too.

I really don’t know why my camera likes me sometimes and not others – This is another photo that’s not showing the colours correctly, this jumper is a soft pink colour not cream. Either way you can see how pretty it is and I think they had it in a few different colours. It was originally £8 but I got it for £5.60 (I think).

I can’t remember the original price for this but I got it for £3 which is a nice bargain. I really like the distressed pink colours of it and the fabric is really light and comfortable to wear – With a pair of skinny jeans I absolutely love this top.

A fantastic couple of mini hauls joined together to make a proper sized haul! Shame my memory has gone mushy when it comes to prices but there you go! They were all bargains, it’s safe to say that much. 

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  1. Isidora March 12, 2014 / 10:03 pm

    Wow, your blog is gorgeous! Shure coming back!

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