Some bargain Nail Art tools – A Born Pretty Store haul

I’ve seen Born Pretty mentioned on a few blogs and being a bargain lover I just had to check them out, and then I just Had to make an order! There’s such fun things on the site, nail art tools, nail polishes, jewellery, accessories and other beauty buys for some really reasonable prices And free delivery (I’m a big fan of free delivery). If you enjoy my haul, and want to take a look at the site, I’ve got a code for 10% off to get you even more money off their already cheap prices, the code is LAAT10 which you can use at the check out at:
And here’s what I got! I’m going to tell you the price of my whole haul, rather than individual bits because I can’t see my order confirmation email and only have a paypal invoice which shows me the total but not the individual prices. I could be Really nice and go on to the site to find the prices but I know that a couple of them were in the sale so they’ll be different now – So! My whole order cost £6.27! Very impressive!

This is the first of the nail stamping plates that I got – I don’t remember the exact cost but I do know that it was less than a pound – I picked this one because I’m a crazy rose lover and it has pretty roses on it! That said the other patterns are rather cute, too, so when I actually get my nail stamping things back out this will be fun to try out. 

I’ve wanted to get a basic french manicure stamping plate for a while but I didn’t find one for a particularly reasonable price. I’ve got some with pretty patterned french manicure stamps but I really just wanted the plain set – I’ve never done a french manicure before but I do know I’d struggle because straight lines aren’t a strength of mine so I’m hoping that this set will help.

Water decals are one of those things that I have wanted to try for a while but just keep being lazy so I thought that if I actually bought some I might actually push myself to use them! I mentioned the obsession with roses earlier and I think that’s evident again here – I much prefer the design on the left, soo pretty, but I’m definitely going to make a nice look with them. 

I’ve been a bit obsessed with the idea of a brush/pencil roll for ages now, I keep seeing them on eBay but being sensible and not getting one but when I was making my BPS order I just decided to bite the bullet and get one. I can’t decide if I want to use it for brushes or pens, I’m erring on the side of pens, but who cares, it’s really pretty and just such a nice idea for a way to store things!

It’s nice that it has the elastic inside to hold things in place, I get a bit paranoid about things getting lost, coming out of containers etc so this would be good for my peace of mind. And if I do end up using it for brushes the flap of fabric at the top would be great for stopping them making too much mess etc.

I’ve been back on the store to find the link to put in the post and, already, I quite want to buy some more of the bits I’ve seen and have another trawl through the site – I love that the free p+p means that if you want to make lots of little orders it’s ok (well, maybe not, your wallet might not agree if you make too many) rather than making an order and going back going ‘Oh noo wish I’d seen that last time!’ – Either way, I like this site and shall be buying from them again I think, and if you think you might find some bits you want then don’t forget my code for an extra 10% off!

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