Tanya Burr Make Up collection by Eye Candy – Swatches of two lip glosses ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Chic’

I was rather happy to see that Tanya Burr had been able to develop her own make-up range with Eye Candy. I love that there are successful bloggers who’re able to use that to become an even bigger part of the beauty world and, thus, produce the sorts of things they’ll love and that they know we’d love too! 

The range has definitely hit that mark, or I think so anyway, first and foremost because they just look so fabulous, the packaging is beautiful and despite looking so high end the glosses are only £6.99! Honestly, impressed. 
As you can see I picked up ‘Afternoon Tea’ and ‘Chic’ – I didn’t quite mean to get such similar shades but they are beautiful so it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen swatches of some brighter shades and I can promise that I quite want some more! 

I’ve worn both, so far, and they feel great on the lips, not at all sticky which is a must for me. The two shades that I have are both very subtle but you can still see the colours really nicely and they both look beautiful – Really do love them both already (Though want to know where ‘Afternoon Tea’ has disappeared off to!) and I want to wear them much more.

Here’s some swatches for you, thankfully I managed to get them in some alright light.

I love this beautiful soft shade of pink – I had a feeling that ‘Afternoon Tea’ would be popular, and I saw that Jane at BBB thought the same, and turns out it sold out quite quickly (Though it’s back now, yay!) – It’s understandable really when you imagine how wearable it must be for so many skin tones. A real winner in my book. 

And this is ‘Chic’ – It’s more sheer than the first one but it still gives a nice wash of colour on the lips (yup, more lip swatches needed, it really is all down to the light, once we get some good light I’ll be going swatch crazy!) This shade might not work for everyone, but as far as nudes go I think it’s about as universal as you can get, it’s not too pale or too dark plus it’s got that hint of pink that stops it from washing us pale skinned people out!

I really do love them both and it probably won’t be long until I order some more – Beautiful, beautiful glosses! I like. 

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