The #100HappyDays Challenge – Days 22 – 28 of my 100 Happy Days

I’m really loving this challenge, it really helps make the most of the things that happen each day – Something that may just feel standard can feel special when you’re actively looking for things that make you happy; it makes you pay real attention to the things that happen and how happy they make you feel!

If you missed some previous weeks then here’s week 3 which  has links to 1 and 2!

Some people might find Day 22 a bit weird but I am sure that some of you will really get it, too. One of the best things about getting a new palette is being able to swatch it! I LOVE doing swatches, this wasn’t even the photo for a post, I just swatched them a bit because I wanted to, so many pretty shades. (This is the Sleek Au Naturel palette which I’m yet to post about, the photo has been filtered so isn’t totally accurate – Gorgeous palette, though)
Day 23 heralded the arrival of the latest book that I’ll be reading, and reviewing, for the BritMums book club! I’ve been really looking forward to reading this, ever since it was announced, and there’s something totally magical about being able to look forward to reading a new book.
Day 24 putting this candle away after burning it the night before – Whenever I pick up a candle I have to smell it and the smell of this one is one of my absolute favourites, ever! It smells like the Cherry Drop sweets I used to eat years ago – Yum, makes me happy because it takes me back.
Day 25 was a difficult day – I had one of my ‘funny turns’ and was very very close to passing out whilst taking Ethan to nursery, thankfully I managed to keep it in check and then sit down for a while have a hot chocolate in a local cafe which got me back to better shape. It did also mean that I felt rubbish for the rest of the day, I went home and slept the whole afternoon until Ethan needed picking up! So being made a cup of tea, in my favourite mug, by my lovely fiance made me feel very happy.

I was expecting this order to take 3 or 4 days so, to have it arrive less than 24hrs after being ordered, on Day 26, made me rather happy. As did the fact that I got all 6 of these half price, for only £15, And the fact that they’re sooo pretty. Yes, nail polishes make me happy.

Day 27 was a day out with my Sister and both of our boys – We took them for lunch, took them to soft play and then got them icecream – Very happy, very spoiled boys! They had a lovely day and so did we – I just love seeing them play together, they love each other. And I love catching up with my sister, one of my best friends growing up, and still is, we just don’t get to see each other very often any more. 
After our big day out I am a bit poorly – I’ve got a nasty head cold and my body is making me pay for doing everything yesterday. So heaven on Day 28 is cuddles and reading a book with my boy.

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