Wantable comes to the UK! – Wantable Make Up – Unboxing – February 2014

I’ve been following Wantable, and getting their email updates, for a while so I was really excited to find out they were coming to the UK – If you’ve not heard of them then they’re a similar concept to the other beauty boxes that we already get in the UK. There are some pretty big differences, that make them stand out, from the other boxes, though, most notably the fact that they have three different types of box: Make up, accessories and intimates.

If you decide that you want to get a box yourself then you can sign up via my link, I’d Really appreciate it!!  https://www.wantable.com/invite/PIT1PNOX1i8

 Another way in which they offer a different sort of service is that they have an incredibly comprehensive survey when you sign up, in which you can say what you Love, Like or Dislike – You will get more Loves, some Likes and NO Dislikes so you can totally veto certain products, which I know a Lot of you would like to be able to do with standard boxes.

As well as all of that they also offer, primarily, full sized items rather than the samples that you get from other boxes – The only draw back is that they cost more at $36 they’re only around double what we’d pay for another box (After conversion) but once you add the shipping costs on you’re paying closer to £30 for the box. The team at Wantable offered to send me one of their boxes to review for you, my lovely readers, so I snapped up the opportunity and asked for one of the Make-up boxes. The £30 price tag is a lot but let me show you why I’m tempted to cancel all of my other boxes to get these instead!

In this box I got four full sized products and one sample – For a make-up box you can expect 4-5 full sized products, same with intimates and with accessories it’s 3-4. But don’t these items just shout luxury? I like my beauty boxes, but none of them scream luxury quite like this!

Firstly, and probably my favourite item, is this ‘La Bella Donna’ mineral lip gloss in the shade ‘Grappe’ – And oh doesn’t that packaging shriek luxury! And so it should as this gloss retails at $26.50.
This is, definitely my sort of shade and, although I’m not normally a fan of brush applicators for gloss, it goes on so so nicely.

As you can see it’s a beautiful, sheer colour with a hint of shimmer but, unless you look up close, it doesn’t translate as shimmer it just turns into extra sheen. I wore this gloss all afternoon yesterday and, although it faded, it was still there for hours and hours, despite drinking plenty of tea. I was really impressed with the longevity and I just Love the way it looks.
Next up we have the most expensive thing in the box – A Manna Kadar ‘Sheer Glow Highlighter’ which is worth $29 and definitely looks the part in a frosted glass bottle with a pump! (though let me warn you, the pump is rather temperamental!)
 It’s a pinky toned liquid which doesn’t look overly pinky once blended in to the skin (thankfully). I wasn’t 100% sure about this as, on the back of my hand, I couldn’t see it doing much. But there were areas where I noticed a difference so I shall hold judgement until I’ve used it on my face (as that’s where I think it could work best) – I’m thinking it’d go nicely under or mixed with a foundation or BB cream. This might work a lot better once the weather improves, too, and there’s more light to help it glow!
 The sample that I got in my box is a Sorme ‘Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer’ Although it’s a sachet I think I’ll get a few uses out of this as it’s a primer and primer goes such a long way – I’m very interested to see how its oil blotting properties work.

I was really hoping to get a brush in my box, I love me a good brush, so I wasn’t disappointed when I saw this lovely looking brush in my box. This is a ‘Prime foundation brush’ from ‘Michael Marcus’ and, my goodness, the bristles are so so soft! I don’t really use this type of brush very often but this one feels So nice that I may well start! This is worth $20.

Lastly I got this NCLA nail polish in the shade ‘Not So Sweet’ which has a ‘5-free’ formula and is worth $16.

I’m really looking forward to applying this soft pink shade – I think it’ll be perfect for spring and summer!

I think you can see why I rather love this box – I mean it’s luxury all over and a fantastic variety of products. Obviously the cost is a lot higher than standard boxes but if you get a number of boxes, like me, then there’s always the chance of swapping those for just this one! Sounds a bit dramatic but oh I am going to hate not knowing what I could have got in next months box. As it happens I can’t do that because I’ve just done a 6 month re-sub with Birchbox thanks to a 2 free box offer… but my gosh I wish I could afford to get this box more regularly… Oh oh I wish!

The hardest thing, for me, would be to decide which type of box to get. I Love this make-up box but I also LOVE the idea of the accessories box and the intimates box (not as dodgy as it sounds!) – As such I’m happy to say I’ll be reviewing an accessories box for you tomorrow, I paid for the box myself as Wantable had a fantastic ‘second box free’ offer so I will be getting two boxes for the price of one which I could Definitely stretch to in order to try the other types of box. So, tomorrow, you can look forward to a post about the gorgeous pieces I got in my accessories box and I shall spend the next couple of weeks umming and ahhing over which type of box to get for my free box!

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    • admin February 12, 2014 / 1:08 pm

      I know! I'm thinking as a one off treat? And the accessories box could make an amazing gift for someone! I really hope there's a way for them to become more affordable in the future – I can imagine indulging a couple of times a year, just not every month (It costs $40 as a one off order rather than sub But when put through conversion it doesn't add much) xx

  1. MamaMummyMum February 13, 2014 / 10:43 am

    This does look good but the price tag does put me off, like the idea of the likes and dislikes, bit like the graze food boxes in that aspect x

  2. Jackie Allum March 13, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    It looks a fab box. Would love to see what their accessory one would be like. I subscribe to 2 different ones at the mo: LMB and GB (I did have YBD but got fed up getting only half the box). This looks pretty lush…

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