Wantable in the UK – Wantable Accessories box – February 2014 unboxing

Yesterday I showed you the make-up box that Wantable sent me for review, which I was really impressed with, and today I want to show you the accessories box that I bought myself – I explained the idea behind their service in my previous post, which you can see HERE, as well as the offer that I was able to take advantage of to get two boxes for the price of one – I’ve Still not decided what type of box I’ll get for my free box, I was going to get an intimates box so that I could trial all three but as you’ll see the accessories box that I’ve had is soo good that I’m tempted to get one next month! Just look how well presented all of this is! All of the jewellery in its own little pouches – Amazing.

If you decide to get a box yourself then if you use my link to sign up I’d really appreciate it! https://www.wantable.com/invite/PIT1PNOX1i8

So, without any more rambling, here’s what I actually got in the box!

The first thing that I saw was this Stassi Headband – It’s made with real leather and is really really simple but that little hint of blue. which you can only see in certain lights, really brings it that little extra dimension. My hair is, mostly, too short for headbands but I can make this one work and it’s really nice – It’s reminded me that there’s a lot more I can do with my hair whilst it’s growing out in between cuts. It’s worth $18.
This gorgeous TrixiBelle necjlace it what I drew out of the first of the two, larger, pouches. I am really enjoying bigger, more statement, necklaces at the moment so this one is just perfect for adding to my growing collection. It’s beautiful in that it’s got a softness to it, due to the tassels, but it also looks a bit edgy and I think it could be styled into a grungy sort of look too.

As you can see, it’s also not lacking in finer details as each of the little square charms has a detailing on one side which just makes it stand out that little bit more. I’m Really really happy with this necklace, I’ve not worn it yet but I think I’ll be wearing something that it works with tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how it comes together. The TrixiBelle necklace is worth $22.

I couldn’t wait to see what was in the second of the bigger pouches and I Really wasn’t disappointed when this stunning Elayne necklace was what I brought out. I don’t wear much yellow gold jewellery but I thought that, as I’m branching out in styles, I should start trying out some different colours too so I put gold as a ‘like’ on my sign up survey. I don’t know what it is about this one but I am totally in love with it and I’m Very glad that this is my first piece of yellow gold jewellery. I absolutely love the shape of it, I love everything about it – Love love love (did I say that word enough yet?) – This is worth $22.
I don’t know why the pouch in the packground has gone all funny, weird camera, naughty camera! But anyway! This beauty is what was in the little pouch – I really like rings that have a spiral effect going on so this was right up my street but this is much dressier than most of the rings I have – Which I’m Very pleased about. I love the square shapes, contrasting with the spiral and it’s just so different (my hands were a bit swollen that day, silly fibro, but the ring fits perfectly)
Again with the extra details, there are stones on the sides of the cube as well as the top which means that it catches the eye in so many different ways. The ring is worth $15.

I’m going to guess that you can see why I loved the box and why I’m so torn about what to get with the credit for my second box! I’m so so glad that I bought this box, though, as much as I loved the make-up box this one is entirely more different and new for me. I think this box would make a great gift for a jewellery lover in your life, too, as long as you have a rough idea what they like so that you can fill in the survey on their behalf – I’ve got a photo of my survey so that you can see how the survey works:

And, now, back to trying to work out what I am going to get for my third box!
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  1. Emma ATOS February 13, 2014 / 4:25 pm

    The Elayne Necklace is gorgeous!! The shapes are so unique and the yellow gold colour just makes me love the whole piece! I am getting excited about it and I don't even own it yet haha. I also adore the ring, I would definitely get another jewellery box with the credit. Emma xx

  2. Louise Hoad February 13, 2014 / 10:37 pm

    Wow! What a fantastic box! I love all the jewelry. It's a great idea, I got a bit bored with the beauty boxes but I'm loving the look of this! I wonder what is in the other box? This and the one in yesterday's post both look great! 🙂
    LouLovesbeauty xxx

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