A Natural Energy boost from Gluco – A Review

When I was offered some products to try from Gluco I was intrigued as to what they would be like and, also, what they’d be able to do for me (and for others). I was sent a small bottle of liquid ‘Gluco Juice’ in the flavour ‘Very Berry’ and also a tub of ‘Gluco Tabs’ in a raspberry flavour.

 Each ‘Gluco Tab’ has 4g of glucose in and the bottle of ‘Gluco Juice’ has 15g in. As you can see on the packaging they pride themselves on having no artificial colour of flavours and are caffeine and gluten free.The idea behind these products is that they can give us a boost of energy, in a more natural way, when we need it the most. If you’re a Mum and you’re coming to the end of the day, if you’ve been out all day and are lagging, if you have something important coming up at work, or a night out that you want to feel a little more upbeat for – These products are supposed to give you a boost without the effects of something like caffeine and in a much more natural way than other products.

I didn’t drink the whole bottle of ‘Gluco juice’ as I’m not sure about adding too much glucose in to my system at once, but what I did drink was really rather tasty (much nicer than I expected) and I do feel like it made a difference on my energy levels.
I wasn’t expecting much, taste wise, from the ‘Gluco tabs’ but I actually found them quite enjoyable. I find that I’m much more suited to these as they’ll give a little boost rather than a flood of glucose all at once – At the end of the day it depends what effect you want, but even if I’m really low on energy I’d only want to give it smaller boosts than big whereas if you have something Really important coming up then that bigger boost might be a better idea.I’ve found myself using the ‘Gluco tabs’ in quite a different way, too, and a way that works quite well for me. I have suffered from hypoglycaemia for a lot of my life so, if my blood sugar levels drop, I start to feel quite funny quite quickly and it can lead in to me feeling quite poorly (migraines, sickness etc) – As such I loved the idea of these as something to use when my sugars were feeling low, something easy and instant, rather than having to go and dig something out of the cupboard. This tube lives in my handbag, now, as when I’m out and about is when I need something like that the most.

I was expecting the tabs to be a couple of pounds but they’re 89p from the Gluco site and 95p from places like Boots and the ‘Gluco juice’ is £1.55 from their site – They’re also readily available at a good deal of high st stores. I think they’re the sort of thing that’ll become a handbag staple for me, and I can imagine that a lot of people could benefit from that little boost from time to time, too, even if not prone to hypoglycaemia. Obviously you wouldn’t want to eat these like sweets, or too often, but as a pick-me-up from time to time I think they could be quite invaluable.

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