Birchbox UK – Unboxing / Review – March 2014

My Birchbox posts normally go up the very day that they arrive but I was wiped out by a migraine on Thursday, the day it arrived, and then today (Friday) I’ve had some Big big issues with my laptop – Long and short is it’s really rather broken. Still working out how/why but it’s looking like I’ll be needing to get in touch with the manufacturers and hope that I did get an extra few months warranty by registering with them (as I think I did).

On days like today I am incredibly grateful that I keep things as backups, my old laptop is doing a good job at keeping it going – It’s slow, it doesn’t work entirely well and things don’t work quite right on it, hence the new one, But it does do Enough and blogging shall continue (for now at least, please keep going lil’ old laptop!)

Anyway, March Birchbox time! If you think it’s time for you to join the ranks of Birchbox subscribers then please do use my subscription link and get yourself £5 worth of points in the store and £5 worth for me too! If you’re interested it’s here:

This month is the Lulu Guinness box which has been much anticipated by many of us – a Really exciting idea indeed.
Initially I wasn’t overwhelmed by what was in there but I was happy to see Benefit and Dr Brandt in there, among some other interesting items.
Least exciting first, we have a perfume sample – This one is ‘No. 7 for her’ by English Laundry – The more boxes I get the less I’m bothered by perfume samples, I have lots and I’m quite fussy about fragrances so chances are this won’t be for me, But I do like the surprise of finding something new that I like and it does happen sometimes so maybe this will be another instance of that, I really wouldn’t mind!
Next up is the Dr Brandt ‘Pores No More pore refiner’ – I have rubbish pores so am always happy to try something that promises to help because one of these days one of them is sure to do something (Please?!) at some point. Dr Brandt is one of those brands that I’ve seen in boxes before but pretty sure I’ve not had myself but have always hoped to. This is a nice sized tube and products like this tend to go a long way so hopefully there’ll be plenty of uses out of it.
Inside this cardboard case is a wee 2.5ml sample of Benefit’s ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ shadow primer – Again, one of those products I quite enjoy trying out and I’ve not actually tried this one by Benefit. I did have a sample previously but I put it in to a blog swap so maybe I’m being told something, I should be trying this stuff out. A good primer can be fantastic and Benefit make some good products so I’m sure this’ll be a very welcome addition to my samples collection.
As the lifestyle extra we were given this really cute, traditional style Lulu Guinness rock – Not much to say, really, it’s a really fun thing to get in a box! I’m not sure I’ll be able to eat it but I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone who can.
I saw this bag and was intrigued… I read the name and was perplexed… I took it of the bag and was slightly concerned! It was clear I needed to read the card and work out what in goodness this little plastic thing was!
The Cellu-Cup is used to massage the skin and help battle cellulite – It’s as simple as that but I haven’t a clue. yet, how it works as I think I’m going to need to watch some videos online. I think there’ll be some customers who’ll just chuck this in the back of a drawer but I quite think I’m going to try and give this a go. I hate my cellulite, I hate it with a passion. I’ve put weight on recently but I used to have cellulite even when I was a small size 8, it doesn’t look nice and I never liked it (Other people’s never seems to look bad to me but mine looks awful. funny how the human brain works)

My point is. I am going to give this a go in the hope that it might do something. For those who’re going to try this out it’s a pretty good item to have in a box, it’s not something you’d ordinarily hear of without a service like this and it’s worth £16 which is a good deal more than the cost of the box, on its own.

This cute little glass  bottle was a nice addition to the box. I like body oils and this seems like a very good offering. By Aroma Works this is the ‘Serenity Body Oil’ and it smells really rather lovely. It’s only a tiny wee bottle but I think that it’ll last a good while as the tiny amount I put on my arm, to smell, went a Very long way!

The box didn’t wow me but the more I thought about it the more I quite like it. We’re all big fans of a big sized product but, perfume sample aside, there’s two small but good quality samples, a good sized good quality sample and a full sized beauty tool which is really interesting and very different. We may not be looking at a big quantity of items but quality is rather good this month. It’s an each to their own sort of thing, I know some haven’t been thrilled but I think there’ll be a few gems in this box and I am hoping to find out whether or not this cellulite took makes any difference. 

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  1. beautyqueenuk March 15, 2014 / 5:50 pm

    I think this is an alright box, I was just expecting something a little bit more, all the hype over Lulu Guiness and well a stick of rock and stripes on a box was a bit of a let down I thought x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

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