#BrizBlogMeet – A great day out at the Bristol Blogger Meet – March ’14

I was a whole mess of nerves and excitement when it came to waiting for the Bristol blogger meet but I am so so glad I went, it was a lovely day thanks to the fantastic Emily (from Pretty Please Blog) and Phil (Phil McCormick Events), who organized it, and I met some really nice new people.

I was a bit daft and left it until last minute to tweet and find out if anyone else was  travelling from Cheltenham but I was incredibly lucky that the lovely Caitlin (from I’m a Damn Student What do I Know?) was planning on going by train, too, so with some Very last minute planning we met up and travelled together. I expect you can imagine quite how much stress was lifted by not having to travel alone, and not having to walk from the train station to Revlotions alone. Revs was a really nice, beautifully decorated place and we were lucky to have the whole mezzanine to ourselves!

Part of me wishes I’d talked to more people whilst I was there, but, actually, I met a small group of people who were really lovely and spending the afternoon together meant we had the chance to chat loads and get to know each other, which definitely makes up for that.

We were chatting so much and the food was so good that I actually forgot to take photos of our food which is really rather un-blogger like! It was very good food, though, and I’d definitely consider eating at a Vodka Revs in the future (chorizo croquettes, amazing, honestly).


Just before we left we actually got a photo of ourselves together rather than just taking photos of other people! This is Naaj (from Naaj Ronas Lifestyle), Alex (from Medicated Follower of Fashion), Me, and Caitlin.

As well as the lovely ladies above I was able to meet the lovely Melody (from A Simple Melody) who has the coolest name, pink hair which makes me miss mine and who was really nice, on Twitter, in making me feel better about the walk from the train st to the venue so I’m really pleased I was able to meet her too.

Lastly, we also spent some time with two lovely bloggers, Molly (from What Molly Loves) and Georgina (from Georgina Marie), but they left earlier so I didn’t get to talk to them quite as much and they weren’t there for our photo! There were others that I spoke to a little, but it was these lovely ladies that I spent a whole lot of time chatting to!

Caitlin and I got a little bit soaked… well soaked through, on the way back to the train station so it was a rather cold footed journey home and our goody bags had to be re-bagged so that they didn’t split but at least it was on the way home, not on the way there!

There were loads of really generous brands that contributed to our goody bags, just look what we got (I managed to miss out a can of Coco browns tanner from my photo but that was in there, too!)

Emily and Phil did an amazing job setting everything up and contacting all the brands to be involved – Everyone I’ve spoken to had a fantastic time and I did, too, very glad I stood up to my silly anxiety!
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  1. Caitlin Kobrak March 6, 2014 / 7:42 pm

    It was a really lovely day *minus the downpour of rain on our way back to the station!* & it was fantastic getting to meet you. 🙂

  2. Naaj Rona March 6, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    It was nice meeting and chatting to you and the girls. My shoes got all soaked up as well but I had a 2 and half hour journey so I removed the on the coach.

    Hey those empty food plates hehe….. Ate the food and forgot to take pictures. 😀

    Hope to see you again xx

  3. Emily Stoker March 7, 2014 / 6:51 pm

    It's such a shame that the weather didn't hold out for us, but I'm really glad that you had a nice time.
    I especially love the picture of the empty plates 😉
    Thanks for coming!

    Emily x – prettypleaseblog.co.uk

  4. Janie P March 16, 2014 / 11:12 am

    Sounds like a fab evening. I have been too chicken to do any blogger events, but this sounds very civilised!

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