E-Bay Bargains – Pyjamas for little ones

Just a little post to show you some awesome jammies I got for Ethan and at a bargain price! I do love a bargain and, normally, I just go straight to Primark but I didn’t know when we’d next be going so I checked the net and, managed to get a couple of bargains along with a more standard priced pair.

These were the most average priced, but hardly a bad price at all – He loves Toy Story at the moment so I ordered these as I was just looking for a third pair and they fell in the average price range for his age (eBay price range that is, maybe not standard!) They were £6.25 with free p&p which isn’t bad at all, especially for character pairs. The seller still has them in a couple of sizes linked HERE if your lil’ one is a fan too.
These fell in the middle of the price range of the ones I bought and £5.45 is a rather impressive price for Batman pjs! I get woken with the shout of ‘I’m Batman!’ most mornings, at the moment, so they were an obvious hit with Ethan; he’s a bit obsessed. You can get them HERE if you’ve got a batty lil’ one too. 

Just a little bit awesome, aren’t they?!

If anyone that knows me, personally, is reading this they’ll know how crazily excited I was to see kids PJ’s with a Doctor Who design on them! We’re Big big Doctor Who fans and so I almost squealed with excitement when I scrolled down to this listing, such good luck that they start at age 4-5 as the smallest size.
Amazingly they were also the cheapest pairs that I found at an amazing £3.99! Ethan’s not started watching it, yet, I don’t think he’s quite ready (though I have friends whose little ones watch it already, Ethan’s just a bit sensitive sometimes) but I don’t think it’s ever too early to start indoctrinating with important geek culture (In fact that’s how we got him liking Transformers, Batman and Spiderman; clothes and pyjamas!) – Thus far it’s working as he’s really excited to wear these even though he’s only had a basic explanation of who The Doctor is. For my friends whose little ones are already fans, you can find these HERE (and, also, for those of you who want to get some early indoctrinating in too!)
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  1. Kim Carberry March 17, 2014 / 11:42 am

    They look fab! What great bargains!! I love the Doctor who one's….Wonder if they come in adult sizes….hehehe x

    • admin March 17, 2014 / 2:59 pm

      I know, I was thrilled to find them, hehe I quite hope they do! (There is some fab Doctor Who merch out there so there's hope) xx

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