Glossybox UK – Review / Unboxing – March 2014

My Glossybox came via Royal Mail this month, which it never has before – This means that I knew there was some sort of perfume sample inside due to the dangerous substances sticker that Royal mail makes people use, haha!

A nice optimistically seasonal theme from Glossybox this month, ‘Beauty Blossom’ sounds like a lovely sort of theme and hopefully it’ll be reflected in the coming weather (we can hope!)
All brands I already know, this month, but all products/shades I’ve not tried so no duplicates for my collection! I’m always a bit happy when there’s some Sleek in a box and I was Very pleased to see I didn’t get the only shade I already have, phew.
If I’m going to get perfume samples I’m definitely happier to get two than just one, feels like a better amount of product to be used as one of my samples. These are Juicy Couture’s new Malibu range and, from what I can tell reading the booklets, there’s a floral scent and a fruity scent in the range. I don’t know about you but I’d have expected the pink one to be floral and the orange one to be fruity but seems I’m wrong, t’is the other way around. I don’t think I’ll be trying out the floral one but I am intrigued by the fruity one, I love fruity scents.
I’ve recently bought my first Sleek Pout Polish so my first thought, when seeing this, was ‘please don’t let it be the shade I already have’ and, thankfully, it wasn’t! I’m still loving tinted balms and lip glosses at the moment so this is a welcome addition to my lip product collection. I think these fit nicely into a spring-time box as a light wash of moisturising colour is perfect for the warmer months. 
I got the shade ‘Bare Minimum’ which will, likely, only give the smallest hint of colour on the lips but should give a nice level of moisture and a balmy sheen. I very much look forward to incorporating this in to my ‘barely there’ spring looks. The Pout Polish is worth £4.49.
Next up we have another full size make-up product – A mineral Shimmer powder by ‘BellaPierre’ – This powder can be used as an eye shadow but also can be mixed in to blush, nail polish or lip gloss to change the look of products you already have.
‘Senstaion‘ is a white, very shimmery, powder so I’m not sure I’ll have a lot of use for it as an eye shadow but I think it could be nice mixed with a blush to make a shimmer shade or as a highlight shade on the inner corner of the eyes or maybe even on the cheeks depending upon how it translates on to the skin. This full sized 2.35g pot retails at £12.95.
Mitchell and Peach is the next brand on the list with a nice sized 40ml tube of their Body Cream – It has a really nice, but very subtle, scent which is nice. I was expecting something a bit flowery but was relieved it wasn’t, I think this is something I’ll happily use, maybe as a travel size; nice to take something a bit special when away. A full size of this is worth £36 and it’d be for an 180ml tube so our sample is worth a rather nice £8.
As a fan of Dove hair care I was happy to see this ‘Intensive repair 60 second Treatment Shot’ – This is something that’s been on my must try list for a while but I’ve not remembered to pick one up so a definite bonus to have in a box. I’m looking forward to giving this a go, if it’s as good as other Dove hair products then I imagine I’ll be using these again. This Treatment shot is worth £1.49.

I think this has been quite a nice box – There’s some variety in there and a balance of full sized and goo sized samples. No new brands to discover but sometimes it’s really nice to find new products by familiar brands and this is definitely one of those times. This box is worth a very respectable £26.97 plus there’s the two perfume samples, too, and I actually want to try one of them! Nice box, Glossybox, thank you! 

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  1. Ailsa Sinclair March 19, 2014 / 3:55 pm

    looks like a nice box this month. i'm very tempted to sign up. do you have a referral link i could use?

  2. Kath Singer March 23, 2014 / 10:07 am

    Hi, cool review 🙂 I got a similar box, fake tan samples instead of the perfume samples, but they just seem like such a waste of time and I won't use them… My next box is free so hopefully there will be something good in there to encourage me to carry on subscribing!

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