Makeup Revolution – A new, affordable brand to make you go Wow!

I’m lucky enough to be attending the Makeup Revolution launch in a few days and I’ve been looking forward to it a Lot but since they have made their website live, before the launch, I couldn’t be More excited!

The products look Phenomenal and the shades, the prices, the packaging… I defy you to go on there and not want to spend money (as long as you’ve a beauty lover that is!) – I want to just spend the remainder of my birthday money on there – Here’s the site:

I was going to list what products are on my wishlist but I keep finding more and more! There’s loads of the lip products, the single shadows, merged shadows, shadow palettes, nail polishes, highlighters, concealers, primer, foundation (16 shades?!?!) – Wow, Wow, Wow

Honestly, just get on there and take a look, I am Very excited to start trying this brand out and seeing what they have to offer and I’m pretty sure you all will be too!

(I know this post sounds a bit like I’ve been asked to write it but, honestly, this is based entirely on my own, pure, unadulterated excitement!)

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