My Yankee Candle Haul – Easter special and Summer scents – March 2014

I spent a lot of time umming and ahhing over whether or not I was going to buy the ‘Bunny Cake’ Easter Exclusive candle from Yankee – I was getting influenced from a variety of angles and being pushed towards getting it but I struggle when it comes to the large jars; £19.99 for a candle seems like a lot to me! I know that those that buy really high end candles pay a lot more than that for much smaller candles so I know not everyone feels the way I do, but then I am living on a tighter budget than a lot so I guess that explains it.

Either way, birthday money is always much easier to spend than any other money as it’s intended use is me buying the things that I want. And I wanted Bunny Cake!!

As it happens the thing that pushed me over the edge, and onto the site to purchase, was an email saying that the new Summer scents were out; a limited number of their range of delicious sounding fruity scents that were available in a set of votives, or as large candles, in advance of their release in April. Well I popped on to the Yankee Candle website to take a look and some things just fell in to my basket.


Bunny Cake, bunny cake, bunny cake. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of this candle for soo long and now that I’ve had it burning in the room I am SO glad that I was forced to buy it as a large – It smells SO nice! A soft, sweet, slightly cakey scent that doesn’t overwhelm but is definitely noticeable. My Mum’s husband actually asked if we were baking because he could smell cakes, that’s how good it smells! (As I said above, large jars are £19.99)
Cute little box for my votive set.
It includes the three candles which make up the fruity Summer Scents releases as well as an added extra – The set was £6.99.
The reason I was drawn to these is that I expected them to just smell like the actual fruit – And Orange splash doesn’t disappoint. I’ve not lit it yet but just from a sniff it’s a super strong orange scent which I think will be fantastic when the weather is brighter and warmer.
This candle was the reason for my wanting the set – I have been sad not to have been able to get a simple ‘apple’ candle for ages. They’re all apple spice, apple cinnamon etc – I just wanted Apple. And that is exactly what Sweet Apple is, it really does smell like a fresh, crisp apple.
I’m quite in love with the colour of this one. Obviously more floral than fruity, this one has some vanilla, some musk and a hint of sweetness too – I think Black Plum Blossom will be nice for warm evenings.
Margarita Time packs a real punch when it comes to strength of scent. This one smells of lime, primarily, lots and lots of lime. There’s other scents in there, too, but I can’t pick them out, it’s the lime that hits you and I think this will be an incredibly refreshing candle to burn. I like lime.
I have lots of candle holders but they’re mostly for tea lights, I wanted to get something which was specifically designed for votives and I loved this glass ‘bucket’ sort of design. It was only £2.99 and I think it looks really nice and it’ll do the job (I’d have liked the purple or teal versions but they were OOS at the time)

So yes, a nice little Yankee candle haul – Bunny Cake is joint top candle scent, now, along with Cherries on snow – Yup, sweet smells clearly hit the right spot for me, but I still love my invigorating, zingy fruit scents too.

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  1. Fiona Sykes March 20, 2014 / 8:36 pm

    I feel the same, £19.99 is an awful lot for a candle but if the scent is amazing you can't help it! Think I might get the wee summer scents set to try! 🙂 xx

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