Some lovely gifts on my Birthday – Including Models own, Seventeen and Yankee

I didn’t unwrap on my birthday this year, most people have given me money, and the bits that I did get came in gift bags or were left near Ethan’s room so he could announce ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ when I went to see him in the morning and I’d know they were meant to be from him! Also, if you remember, I did get early birthday gifts this year (post HERE), but they came in a gift bag too! Not a roll of wrapping paper in sight!

Didn’t mean to write about that so much, it just only just occurred to me! So that’s why there’s only a few bits to show you, I have a nice amount of money put to one side so you can expect plenty of hauls in the future!! So, on to what I did get!

My Mum managed to get me three of the Models Own ‘Hyper Gel’ polishes that I didn’t already have! From L-R there’s ‘Lilac Sheen’, ‘Blue Glint’ and ‘Naked Glow’. ‘Blue Glint’ is much bolder than it’s showing up here, I still don’t know why my camera has issues with shades of blue! 

Another impressive find, by my Mum, is three of the new Seventeen ‘Cheek Stamps’! I don’t have any of these but I’ve heard plenty about them and have really wanted to try them so I was rather pleased to get them. From bottom to top we have ‘Blushin’, ‘Bashful’ and ‘Stare Struck’ – They’re really rather cool. 
My Mum also got me three Rimmel products but I already had one of them and she got them as a 3 for 2 and there wasn’t anything else I could think of to swap it for at the time we were on the phone to discuss it so, instead, she’s going to give me the money so that I can get the three new Barry M Hi-shine shades when they come out!

My Mum also made a voucher for a ‘Night out’ – A meal, taxi and babysitting which will be Soo nice for Azii and I, we don’t go out much at all! She also gave me some money which has gone in to my future haul fund! 

The Tedmund-Ted set and the Yankee candle in ‘Lovely Kiku’ were what were waiting for me by Ethan’s room, rather lovely gifts from my boy, don’t you think? Hehe.

The ‘Kitty’ mug is something I asked Azii for a while ago so he picked it up for me for my birthday. He wanted to know what else I wanted but I really couldn’t think of any ideas at the time so he’s given me money to add to my future haul fund too – See they love me so much, they are facilitating my hauling!! 

I got some lovely cards and some money from other family too because I have some very generous family it seems, I’ve been very very lucky. I didn’t do anything for my birthday, though my best friend visited from London which was a nice treat and then on the Sunday I went to Bristol for a blog meet! You can expect a post on that sometime soon!
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  1. Naaj Rona March 4, 2014 / 1:47 pm

    Those are some lovely gifts from your loved ones Laura. My favourite has to be from your lil angel. That is so cute and adorable. Love the message on the candle….Bless him x

  2. Fiona Sykes March 4, 2014 / 2:29 pm

    You got some lovely goodies, love the look of those cheek stamps! I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoy your night out when it comes! 🙂 xx

  3. Helena Oops March 5, 2014 / 6:08 pm

    Maybe a little too late:Happy birthday!
    Nice gifts!

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