The #100HappyDays challenge – Days 50-56 of my happy days

Another #100HappyDays post, I like these little re-caps, they make me look at the photos and smile all over again!

Day 50 – It’s nice watching Ethan and Daddy Azii time, they both love computer games so it’s something they bond over quite a lot.
Day 51 – Books. I love books and getting 10 for £9 makes me even happier, bargains and books all in one – Who wouldn’t be happy?
Day 52 – Ethan on Daddy Azii’s shoulders, what’s not to be happy about? I can tell you Ethan was happy, too, he loves it! Daddy Azii’s back, on the other hand? Maybe not so much.
Day 53 – This picture represents two things – It represents my best mate visiting, and that makes me happy and it also represents him bringing me special snacks and that makes me happy too! 
Day 54 – Sometimes, after walking Ethan to nursery, putting my comfy slippers on and putting my feet up is actual luxury.
Day 55 – It was so lovely to wake up on my Birthday and go out in to the hallway and find these on the cabinet by Ethan’s room and have him shout ‘Happy Birthday Mummy!’
Day 55 – You may notice, already, how I made a slight numerical error. I posted this as Day 55 on Instagram, too. This was meant to be 56 but I’m already ahead a few days and it would just be a big annoying mess to move them all around so I shall just have two day 55’s! On this day I was  happy about having my new Leighton Denny nail file. Seems a bit odd but it was a pretty big one for me, I paint my nails most days and like to keep them filed into a nice shape but my old glass file was over 10 years old and lots of the surface had worn away so it wasn’t doing a very good job. Was Very very nice to be able to use a really good one again, though I am impressed at how well my old one lasted! 
Day 56 – This day was one I’d been looking forward to and being nervous about for ages, it was the day of the #BrizBlogMeet! I had lots of ideas of photos that I’d take to represent this day but the moment arose just after we’d eaten lunch. Seems a bit odd but I realised I hadn’t photographed my food (rookie error for a blogger!) and neither had any of my new friends, and that’s because the food was So good! That’s one reason to be happy. Another reason to be happy was because I’d been brave enough to go to the meet And it was also a happy time because I’d met a nice group of people and was having  a really nice time getting to know them.

So there you go, two 55′, some family, some blog related and some other stuff too – It was a nice week.

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