Sunday, 16 March 2014

The #100HappyDays Challenge - Days 57-63 of my Happy Days

I'm well and truly behind on these, but I am still doing the challenge and, still, have a photo for every day thus far! I am sometimes not uploading them on the right day but the photos are getting taken and still working as a lovely reminder of the smaller, happy moments each day brings - I think the series of photos will be lovely to look back on, and smile, in the future.

Day 57 was the day that Ethan ate a good sized lunch and then requested a big bowl of fruit afterwards - He never used to like fresh fruit much and now he loves it! (The clothing is explained because it was a pyjama day)

Day 58 - Pancakes, need I say more? I quite want pancakes now... oh that buttery tasty, sugary, lemony... Ethan will back me up when I say that Grandad makes gooood pancakes!

Day 59 - It's always good to know how wonderful and supportive your friends are, for the biggest or the smallest reasons - I know some really good people and was reminded of this on day 59.

Day 60 - Ethan and his new Doggy from 'Build a Bear' in their Transformers t-shirts and with matching poking out tongue's too...

Day 61 - I thought it was time to break out some more spring friendly shades now that it feels like Spring is on the way. This shade is gorgeous and I think that it's going to be a big hit this Spring - It's Barr M's Silk nail polish in 'Meadow'

Day 62 - We shared the day with an old friend and a new friend (though they're not too new to each other haha) - We had the nicest time, and you can see Ethan made himself quite at home! It's been a good week for friends.

Day 63 - This beautiful blue sky - Just look at it. 

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