The Manuka Doctor Mini Hero kit* – My thoughts and how to get it for Free!

 I’ve been a Manuka Doctor fan for a while now, more specifically their ‘Api Clear Blemish Cream’ which I wrote about a few months ago (HERE) but need to write about, again, because my love for it has grown a lot and I should probably share that with you all. But that’s not why I’m writing today, this post is to tell you about an offer which Manuka Doctor have available – The opportunity to get their ‘Mini Hero’ kit for free.

This is a sponsored post – I did own the items before hand, so I’m just integrating my thoughts of the products with their request for me to share the offer.

When I heard about the offer I took it up straight away; the opportunity to try out some of their higher priced products, which they hail as ‘hero’ products, without needing to buy the full price item, wasn’t one that I was going to turn down. As such, when Manuka Doctor asked me to tell You about this offer, I was in the perfect position to, not only tell you about the offer, but tell you a little about the products because I’d already got the set myself!

Before I tell you about the products themselves I’ll get the details of the offer sorted out. You can order the set here: and all you need to do is pop it in your basket and check out as normal. You’ll need to pay the postage costs, which are £2.50, but you’ll get a decent amount of product and the full sizes of the three products you’ll try range from £14.99 to £49.99! Plus, oh yes, there’s a plus, the kit contains a code to get you 25% off your next order.

Anyway, let me tell you a little about the products, I don’t think I’ll go in to a full review but I just thought I’d let you know how I got on with them.

The three products included in the set are from each of the ranges that they do, from the ApiClear range we have the ‘Skin Treatment Serum’ from the ApiRefine range there’s the ‘Targeted Wrinkle Filler’ and lastly there’s the ‘Rejuvenating Face Mask’ from the ApiNourish range.

The samples are all in sachets but two of them contain much more than one usage as long as you put the open sachet somewhere safe between each application (maybe even use a food clip thingy!) so the sachets are somewhat deceptive.

There’s 3ml in the ‘Targeted Wrinkle Filler’ sachet and I’ve used it three or four times, so far, and I’ve got plenty more usages to go. I feel like it does something to the eye area (that’s the only place I’ve tried it), the skin feels firmer and my wrinkles seem a little improved. I’ve got a number of eye products at the moment but for £14.99 I may consider this in the future.

I’m going to ruin the surprise about the ‘Skin Treatment Serum’ and tell you I’ve already ordered the full size! I’ve only used it a few times (yes, still a good few left in this one too) but I feel like there’s a real, proper, improvement in my skin already. (But I already know this range works nicely for me I guess) – There’s 5ml in that sachet and the full size is £19.99.

Lastly ‘The Rejuvenating Face Mask’ is the biggest of the samples, at 7ml, but I used that one all in one go to make sure it covered my whole face. It was a light texture and dried quite quickly, I left it on for half an hour like it recommended and once I washed it off my skin felt nice, very soft and quite rejuvenated (surprise surprise!) – The full size of this one costs £49.99.

A lot of these products contain bee venom so it’s worth doing a patch test before you use them (or avoid them if you have a known bee allergy) which I did. I had a nasty reaction to a bee sting some years ago but I’m not sure if that was allergic or if it’s just down to the fibro so I did a patch test and it was just fine!

I love these little sampler sets and, if any more become available I’ll definitely get them – Samples are good! If you decide to get them yourself I’d love to see if you enjoy them like I do, and whether or not you’re tempted to buy a full size like I did haha.

This is a sponsored post – please see disclaimer here

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