The miamoo ‘travel goodies’ set – Review

If I get a chance to review something made with natural ingredients, free from the nasties so many products are filled with and particularly good for dry skin, I will always say yes. And the same goes for products for Ethan – He has always had super dry skin and very little has worked on him; just like me suffers from the ‘orange peel’ type skin, rough and bumpy to touch, on his thighs and the back of his arms. As such I jumped at the chance to try the ‘travel goodies’ set from miamoo as it’s filled with products which offer wonderful results when it comes to dry skin and are full of the most beautiful ingredients.

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It was clear, from the moment the package arrived that I would like the concept and philosophy behind this brand, regardless of how good the products were. The set itself is really generous, though, offering up 6 travel sized products and a big, beautifully soft flannel to help keep your little one clean and well moisturised.
Each of the bottled products contains 30ml of product and the little jar has 10 ml in it – We’ve used the set three times and I think that there’s at least 7 more uses out of all of them, and a couple of them will still be going considerably longer than that, even. I wasn’t sure about the flannel, at first, as the design didn’t make it look too soft but, actually, it’s lovely for both body and face.

As well as the flannel we’ve got ‘splashy wash’, ‘fresh locks shampoo’, ‘cheeky cream’, ‘baba oil’, ‘spritz and wipe’ and ‘huggy lotion’ – I love the names, they’re all sensible enough that you know what they are but they’ve still got that cute, kiddy fun side to them too.

The ‘splashy wash’ has the most divine scent to it which is just what you want in this sort of product. The website lists that it is a 2-in-1 product and can be used for face and body but, thus far, we’ve used it for body only. It only took a small amount to cover my less than small, almost four-year-old and it lathered up a little as I rubbed it in. My favourite thing about this item is the scent, though, it was invigorating and just lovely.

The scent of lavender really comes through in the ‘fresh locks shampoo’ and it has a beautifully soothing effect, not that anything really works to soothe by boy but that’s because he’s a crazy pre-schooler and unless he’s asleep he’s not calm! The shampoo, though, lathered up beautifully and his hair was really really nice and clean after the wash.

Although the pot of ‘cheeky cream’ is only small I think it’ll last me ages as my boy doesn’t get nappy rash very often, but if your little one gets it more regularly then maybe it wouldn’t last you as long. This product can be used for the hands and face, too, but it was so good on the bottom that I think I’ll carry on using it for that. As luck had it Ethan had some soreness when we were trialling the set so I used the cream and the next morning it had all cleared up – The cream feels really think but it still sinks in Really nicely to the skin. It’s clear that the almond oil and shea butter have a great moisturising effect along side the beeswax and carnuba wax as a barrier – It did wonders for my boy.

Very excited to be running a bath so that he can use his new bath things.
We’ve not had any reason to use the ‘spritz and wipe’ spray, yet, but I did apply it to the back of my hand to see what it was like and the fresh zesty scent was lovely. It’s supposed to cleanse, moisturise, freshen and tone the skin and I can believe it’ll do that fantastically as the back of my hand felt lovely after applying it. I think we’ll be keeping this in our going out bag for sticky hand times or if Mummy wants a cheeky cooling spritz!
The ‘huggy lotion’ and the ‘baba oil’ are the two products that have worked just fantastically for us. I mentioned Ethan’s orange peel textured skin and it’s there that I tried this out. After his bath I applied the lotion followed by the oil and the improvement in the skin has been fantastic. The bumpy, raised skin hasn’t totally gone but it feels So much softer, Some of the bumps have gone and a good deal of the redness has gone too – See my before and after pics, for a rough idea (haha unintentional pun!)




Bumps vastly reduced, a lot less redness and it’s SO much smoother and softer even on days that no cream or oil have been applied.
All in all I’m really impressed with the set. For £15 you get a really nice range of products to try out, or to take when you’re going on holiday. You’ve got a product for everything and they all do a really good job so when you factor in the fact that the range, as a whole, is between 97-100% natural (depending on the item) and free from a Long list of nasties (as you can see on the main page HERE) you can see that you’ve got a gem of a set right there. This may well be a go to for gifts when friends have babies as I’m sure they’ll appreciate something that’ll be so gentle with their little ones. And even though my little one is a lot bigger now, I still anticipate wanting to buy the oil, at very least, in the future if it continues making Ethan’s skin as good as it has been.

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