Thinking Slimmer with my Slimpod – The beginning of my journey

I’m writing this when I’m, actually, over half way through my second week of this Slimpod experience but I wanted to have a good experience of it and know what was happening, how I was feeling about it, before I shared it with you all.

The team at were looking for bloggers who were interested in a weight loss programme, a number of weeks ago, and I didn’t hesitate to pass my details over. This might seem an odd concept to those of you who know me, I’ve spent most of my life having people make note of how slim I am and I spent a number of years being rather under weight. But in the past few years I’ve slowly put weight on, due to not being able to exercise as much due to the fibro, and then more recently I put a bigger chunk of weight on due to some of the medication I’m on – Thankfully I managed to stop that weight increase but I also couldn’t seem to make it decrease either.

I’m still not big, I’m not the standard candidate for weight loss But I do have a real desire to become more like I used to be, to be able to feel more like myself again. My other big reason for wanting to lose weight is that I have been edging towards the very top end of a size 10 and going over in to a size 12 with some things (Really not That big, I know, but bigger than my whole wardrobe full of clothes is!) and there’s one, very special, bit of clothing which I ordered in a size 10 and I want to be able to fit it, comfortably – And that’s my wedding dress.

Although I am smaller than the people that the people at Thinking Slimmer normally deal with, my reasons for wanting to lose weight and the reasons why I struggle are something that they really felt they could help with and they accepted me as one of the bloggers that they’d work with. I was thrilled!

Now, with the ramble over, you’re probably wondering what a Slimpod is? No, I’m not taking crazy supplements or doing a crash diet, there’s no terrifying ab busting exercises, it’s all much simpler than that.
The idea is that you listen, every day, to a recording that’s around ten minutes long and that recording is supposed to help you think differently about food. Sceptical? Yes, I was too, I’ve never really experienced anything like this before and most of us are quite quick to dismiss this sort of thing, but I was intrigued as to what would happen so I opened my mind right up and embraced the idea that this thing could work!

I’ve  been given a very specific recording which is supposed to help you fit in to your wedding dress – I have listened to it every night for eleven nights as I lay in bed ready to sleep; some nights I fall asleep listening to it but they say that that’s ok as your mind is still listening.

As a sceptic I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really was hoping for something positive to happen and, I have to be honest with you, it has. I haven’t stopped wanting to pick up a snack in the evening but I have started thinking ‘Hrm, not yet’ and then I just end up not doing it, I think I’ve had one, maybe two special treats since I started the programme and that’s really ok with me. I’ve found it Much easier to feel full on smaller portions and I’ve found myself reaching for fruit more often.

Is this happening because I expect/want it to? Well maybe. But I have been trying for Months and months to persuade myself to cut down on snacks and to remember how to eat smaller portions and I’d already started on the smaller portions but I kept reverting back to eating snacks in the evening as the meds had my appetite elevated and, also, it was habit! So even if it is ‘because I expect it to’ there’s definitely something that’s actually helping my resolve, I don’t seem to need willpower any more because I just end up not being bothered instead.

Now we’re not meant to be focusing on the scales but I have weighed myself since I started and I’ve lost 4lb and kept them off (My weight has fluctuated up and down by 2lb for weeks recently and it was driving me mad) – Only half a stone to go, now, and I’ll be at my happy weight. But, more importantly, I fit in to a pair of jeans I didn’t expect to fit in to when out shopping, and I don’t feel bloated all the time, fantastic!

I think you’ll understand why my word to sum up my experience, so far, is ‘Hopeful’ – I’ve already experienced some good, I just really hope I can carry on doing so and get myself back to feeling like I used to, and then keep myself there, too.

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