Wedding planning – Reviewing Place Cards from Paper Themes

If you hadn’t seen any of the little mentions I’ve made, from time to time, I’m getting married in August! Yup, there’s less than 5 months left and I have So much left to do – There’s a part of me that’s scared, there’s a part of me that’s still chilled because I know we’ll sort it and there’s the part of me that’s excited like a little girl at Christmas; truth be told it’s quite a good mix of emotions for me, the scared bit keeps me motivated and the other two are quite enjoyable.

My Mum, with her amazing crafting skills, is making all of my wedding stationary for the day (and maybe even my flowers if she manages to!) but when I got the chance to review something from Paper Themes I said yes straight away. I thought it’d be something really nice to share with you all and also lovely to experience dealing with a more traditionally wedding related company seeing as almost everything else for our wedding is going to be DIY or at the very budget end of the retail world (Not to mention it’d be nice for my Mum to have one less job to do!)

The sample place cards came in this glossy, black folder with that gorgeous gold text emblazoned across the front – It says luxury before you have even opened it up and it’s so nice that they go to the effort with details like this; it really feels as though they’re acknowledging how important our big day is.
 If this little sentiment isn’t going to make you feel confident that your wedding stationary is in good hands then I don’t know what is! It’s so nice to know a little about the background of the company and then go on to be reassured that there’s help waiting as and when you need it. Another nice little touch.
I’ve chosen four designs and I’d love to know what you all think of them! I already have a favourite but sometimes it’s really nice to get other people’s input so I would love comments or tweets (@petitmoi_laura) telling me what you think, which is Your favourite.
 This one is called Radiant and I love its simplicity and the beautiful floral design (Looks almost like a William Morris style?) – I really like this sort of soft, powder blue and I think it makes a beautiful design for this card. The card it’s printed on is really good quality white card, they feel as good quality as they look.
 I’d better let you know, now, that they’re all floral themed, I’m very big on my floral these days.
I chose Silk because of its colour, the background colour was the closest they had, in floral patterns, to my colour scheme – The pattern is really nice, I really can picture it as the pattern on a piece of silk. I like that there’s some in the darker pink and some in the white and I like the layout of the patterned section and the fact that it continues on to the back (the same white card as the previous)
 I love the vintage feel to this one, which is called Roses. I get the feeling that the name was inspired by the nice, traditional rose print design on a lovely soft blue. I could really see these being the perfect accompaniment to a tea party style wedding (which was what our dream was a couple of years ago).
 Summer Rose is quite different from the other three. I really like the centring of the blank area as it has a nice, traditional look to it but what really brings this one to life is the card that’s used; it has a sheen to it which I hope you’ll be able to see in the photo I’ve posted below.
 I think that the black outline style of the design works beautifully with the sheen of the card, the simplicity against the more showy side of the card. This is the same type of card that my Mum will be using for my invites, it’s got a real feel of luxury about it and that nice hint of glitz without being over the top at all.In all honesty I’d happily have any of these at my wedding; each one of them would fit with one aspect of my day in some way or another. As I said, I do have my favourite but I’d love to find out what your favourites are. Comment below or tweet me @petitmoi_laura !

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  1. Bex March 21, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    I must say that the black and white floral is my favourite 🙂 It just has a luxury to it that the others don't. My second favourite would be silk – I also like that they do this in purple!

  2. Ailsa Sinclair March 21, 2014 / 4:21 pm

    I agree with Bex, the black/white is my favourite too x

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