A big Primark haul for April 2014 – Including a couple of buys from Primark on Oxford St.

It would have been wrong not to venture in to Primark when I had Birthday money to spend, and when Azii and I got the chance to have some in town time when Ethan was at a party it was the first stop (Unfortunately for Az!) – I had certain things I wanted to pick up for Ethan but, for me, I just wanted to see what Spring things were in there and just see if there were things I’d like whilst I had a bit more to spend than normal.

First up, some basics – I found a style of bra that Primark do that I find really comfortable so I got two more when I saw they had some different colours; those are the polka dot ones and they cost £2.50 each. I was also really pleased to see that they’d increased their wireless range and I was able to pick up two unwired bras for £5, one black and one white; there’s something Very comfy about not having wiring sometimes! (They also have maternity bras, Very impressed Primark, Very!)

I grabbed some of the £3 leggings, too, in a dark grey colour – Warmer weather is coming and a lot of my leggings are too small and a bit tatty, this may end up being the only pair I can wear any time soon! Lastly, for this pic, as you can see I grabbed some Skinny jeans. I’ve been living in high waisted ones but I need another pair and they didn’t have any high waisted – There was about three or four different types of skinny jeans which was Very confusing but I managed to find these ones which were only £10 and the size 10 was a really comfortable size for me! Yay!

Marvel Marvel Marvel! I was thrilled to see a big Marvel section in the womens section, and really good items too! I ummed and ahhed a lot over which item to pick up so Azii insisted on getting the one above for me, I really liked it but was in love with a different one and I couldn’t decide if I should get two – So he made the decision for me! 
This tee was £5 which is a bargain considering it’s branded too! I love the logo on it, I’m not 100% on the sleeves but the logo more than makes up for it. 
This is the Marvel one that I had fallen in love with – I love the busy design, I love the baggier fit and the slightly longer sleeves; though I am So glad I have both, I would have been sad if I hadn’t got both in the end. Ethan absolutely Loves that we all have super heros on our tees and that some days him and Mummy match, we’re clearly a very cool family! This one cost £6.
I really like that Primark have made improvements on their more basic ranges, too. This vest only cost £3 but I love the lace and button embellishments – Turns it from a totally basic vest and makes it into a really really nice top! 

Another example of improving the basics range, this is one of their basic tees but they have patterned versions, now, too! This one, also, cost £3 and I fell in love with the rose and butterfly pattern straight away, as well as the colours – Unbelievable for that price, very impressed.
Last couple of bits for me, some nice boring cotton wool pads, but impressed that it was that many for only £1. I really did fall for some of their home bits, though, I could have picked up quite a few bits but I behaved and only picked up the heart piece above, for an amazing £1.50 I just had to get it even though we don’t really have anywhere to put it right now!
On to Ethan’s bits – The warmer weather is coming up and fleecy pyjamas are going to be on their way out so I needed to replace his cotton ones as he’s grown out of last years. The boys range was hidden over in a corner, hung really high up and most of them had been opened so these alien ones were the only ones we could get. Thankfully, though, I think they’re rather cool and Ethan loves them so, woohoo, and two pairs for £6 is an impressive, impressive price.

I also picked up some Spiderman pants for him too. He’s still not potty trained so it’s a case of trying to find anything that’ll encourage him to get out of the nappies and he Loves spiderman so I’m hoping these might be good for bribery, maybe! 5 pairs for £4 is a pretty good bargain too!

Ethan and I really did match when he wore this one and I wore my Marvel tee on the same day! I just had to get him this as it has Hulk, Iron Man and Thor on, some of his favourites (Sorry, Captain America, nothing personal he’s just not learned much about you yet) – This one was £4 and perfect seeing as I wanted to get him a last couple of short sleeved tees.

I, actually, picked up both of these almost immediately after walking in to the children’s area simply because they were just, instantly, perfect. This Spiderman tee is his favourite out of the things I got him and I am Really impressed with the quality and I love the design. This was also £4 – Honestly, fantastic.

This is an addition to the post that I originally drafted because, when Kate and I were in London we managed to get to the Oxford St branch of Primark. As it happens by the time we get there I was in a Lot of pain so, sadly, we didn’t stay for long and I only bought two things but I thought I’d show you what they were anyway!

I had a specific makeup bag in mind but they didn’t have it but when I was looking I saw the beautiful one above – It looks a bit more peachy in the photo but it’s actually a blush pink shade and is Soo nice! It’s a really good size and was only £4.

They also had a really big Marvel section in the branch and I found this fantastic comic strip set which is a vest and some pants – For £6 I thought it was a real bargain. I can’t really decide if I’ll wear the vest in the daytime, I did used to wear things that clingy day to day but these days I may just stick to nightwear, we’ll see how it goes!

So, yes, a bigger haul than normal but then Birthday money is good like that and I couldn’t turn down a quick browse in the Oxford St branch!
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  1. Natasha Mairs April 2, 2014 / 8:07 pm

    I love those bras and can't believe that they are only £2.50!! I really need so new bras' I've had mine for years. Love the polka dot one. I have those leggings. I also get a few pairs when I go to Primark. Can't complain at just £3. And I will have to get those monster pj's for my youngest, he will love them and at only £6 for two!! Heaven!

    • admin April 2, 2014 / 8:09 pm

      Some real gems isn't there! I wish I'd had more time in the Oxford st one, and the space to put things… I could spend Hours in that place!

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