Another Bing book! Review of ‘Bing – Something for Daddy’ by Ted Dewan

Every day I am grateful that my boy loves books. I love books, always have done, and I think that’s rubbed off on him which I am just so so pleased about. He has a Lot of books but there’s always going to be space for more, even when there isn’t space for more we’ll find space because you just can’t have enough books!

We reviewed one of the Bing books a while back, ‘Bing – Get Dressed’¬†and I think both Ethan and I quite loved Bing bunny – Ethan thought he was funny, I thought he was cute – A rather good impression all round, really! I do remember being surprised when the book veered away from the getting dressed theme and ended up with poor Bing having an accident and needing to get dressed again but, actually, I think it’s a fantastic idea. When the narrator assures Bing ‘it’s no big thing’ I suddenly knew we were really going to need this book when Ethan started potty training – Sometimes we all need to be reminded ‘it’s no big thing’.

Anyway, I digress (as I always do)! The Bing book that we were sent, this time, is ‘Something for Daddy’.

The vibrant blue of the cover was a really nice starting point for this book, it just felt very fun before you’ve even opened it up. You can probably get the gist of the story just by looking at the front cover, there’s glue, there’s feathers, there’s stars and there’s sparkles… You got it, Bing is making something veeery pretty for his, very very lucky Daddy!

Bing attacks the activity with the excitement and vigour you’d expect from a young, fun loving character like him but, unfortunately this results in a bit of an accident (Yes, it’s definitely a theme in Dewan’s Bing books, it’s never plain sailing for poor old Bing).

And, of course, when things go wrong for Bing they go Really wrong! At this point Ethan was a bit worried as he knows it’d definitely be a bad idea for him to explode glue all over the place; what on earth was going to happen to Bing, especially as his glue pot had suddenly become bigger than his head! And… of course, Daddy’s picture has been buried underneath the glue avalanche, poor Daddy, poor Bing.

But, all is not lost, this incredibly crazy page gives us hope that Bings’ art is salvageable as long as he drowns it all in sparkles which, being the very clever bunny that he is, Bing does in no time and this psychedelic explosion is what Daddy’s picture turns in to!

Ok so ignore my sarcastic commentary – It’s clear that these stories are simple but with that repeatable catchphrase ‘It’s no big thing Bing’ there’s a much deeper lesson behind them – I think parents and children alike can take heed in that reminder, that sometimes accidents happen and it Really is ok! (Admittedly, when it’s not an accident and your 4-year-old redecorates the living room with blue powder paint… well yes).

I think these lovely stories take a pressure from little ones and Mummies and Daddies alike. As such we definitely like Bing, and his stories, and think this would be a lovely one to read with your little one, especially if they’re prone to making messes, having accidents or just getting a bit covered in sticky stuff! – Let’s up the amount of sparkly pictures made for Daddy’s all over the country And let’s make ourselves, and our little ones, see the truth in the fact that it is ‘no big thing’ – This is a charming story, with a lovable character and that, always necessary, disco ball effect page just to make sure you’re still paying attention!

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