Big Makeup Revolution Haul – April 2014

I raced ahead and did my swatches of the ‘Iconic 3’ palette the moment my Makeup Revolution order arrived because I have been really wanting to get that post put together and didn’t want to wait any longer but I think it’s time, now, to reel things back in and just share with you an overview of what I ordered so you’ve got an idea of what products I’ve bought and can see what sort of swatch posts to expect in the future.

I had some issues getting this order, due to delivery problems (This one’s on you I’m afraid Royal Mail!) and things have got even more complicated which leads me to be expecting a Second delivery soon – My lovely contacts at Makeup Revolution, though, suggested that rather sending the second delivery back to them I should run a giveaway for You lovely people so… as long as everything goes to plan – you can expect a give away of my first picks of the collection in the next few days!

But anyway, so that you can get an idea of what’ll be up for grabs and also what I’ll be blogging about:

Ooh ooh just look at that! You’ve almost got yourselves a whole makeup kit there! Some of the items look a lot paler than they should thanks to the light, but this gives you an idea of what products I’ve chosen – I’ll try and get some swatches done once the light is better and I am looking in to getting some better lighting equipment so that I don’t have to rely on the daft weather any more!
I’ve done some break down photos and this one is for the eyes – Firstly we have the ‘Iconic 3’ palette which you may notice looks like a dupe for a rather popular palette by another brand! I’ve got swatches up of this, already, HERE and I can attest that it’s rather beautiful, it costs £4. 
Next I’ve got three of the Pure Pigments in the shades ‘Cautious’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Agonise’ – I’m sorry that the colours aren’t coming across too well in this photo I’m going to try and get some better photos before I set up the giveaway (L-R they approximate a rose gold, copper and taupe sort of shades, all with shimmer) – These cost £1 each .

The last eye product is an Awesome Metals Foil Finish eye shadow in ‘Rose Gold’ – I already love this product in copper and I know that this shade will be just as fab! These sets come with a shadow, a liquid primer and a mixing tray for £4.

Next up we have lips – I got three of their £1 lipsticks in (top to bottom) ‘Mystify’, ‘Luscious’ and ‘The One’ (swatches of ‘The One’ HERE) – I like the formula of these, a lot and I’ll try to get swatches up of all of the lip products I have (including the ones from the launch) in the next week or so.

In the gorgeous rose gold, metallic box we have one of the #HappyLips lipsticks in the shade ‘Love a Hug’ – These are rather awesome in that they are a core of colour with a hydrating argan oil layer around the outside – I’ll definitely get you better pictures of this soon. These cost £3.

Face products, next. The first being ‘The One Foundation’ in shade 2 which is the palest shade after white. I may have gone too pale but I’ll find out once I try it on my face (didn’t seem bad on the back of my hand, though) – With 16 shades there’s Such a good chance for people to find the right tone for themselves, So impressed. Obviously when it comes to the giveaway you’ll be getting shade 2, too, but if that’s not the shade for you you could gift it to a friend Or I think it’d make a fab product for lightening up darker foundations as it has a liquid like formula to it. It comes in at only £4.

The ‘Vivid Baked Highlighter’ in the shade ‘Peach Lights’ is next, and you can see swatches of that HERE, it’s a beautiful beautiful highlight and I anticipate wearing it a Lot this sping/summer. The highlight costs £3.

I know a lot of people are excited about the ‘Vivid Blush Laquer’ products and so I’m glad I’ve got one to offer up in a giveaway and also to swatch it and show everyone what I think. I have the shade ‘Desire’ though I think I’ll probably want to pick up another shade or two. They cost £3.

I am a concealer addict so I bought both offerings in the concealer category ‘The One concealer’ and a liquid concealer – Both in the palest shades available. The liquid concealer is quite self explanatory, it has a bit more coverage than the other and it seems to be a nice formula, thus far, so a nice item for £1.50! ‘The One Concealer’ is the one that a lot are going to be excited about, though, as it has the concealer in the core and a moisturising outer layer – I am looking forward to giving this a go! That cost £3.

Lastly I picked up two nail polishes. In all honesty I don’t remember why I decided to try out the clear polish, though maybe just because I can’t decide which top coats I like (other than the obvious) so I was hoping this would be a good option for only £1!

The shade on the left, though, really spoke to me and it’s called ‘Cupid in Disguise’ – I really like the brushes in these polishes, they apply Really nicely and it only took two coats of the gorgeous gold/rose gold shade to look beautiful on my nails – Very very nice for £1.

So that’s what I ordered – Some definite star products in there and some pretty amazing staples too. There’s already a number of things I want to get to fill in the gaps so you’ll have to keep an eye out for future Makeup Revolution hauls – And don’t forget to follow my blog in some way in order to see when the giveaway, for this very collection, goes live!

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  1. Ailsa Sinclair April 4, 2014 / 5:28 pm

    Great haul post. I'm in love with this brand already. Only received my order today but already i'm making a list for my next order. top of the list is the baked highlighter x

  2. Sharon Taylor April 4, 2014 / 9:06 pm

    There are some lovely shades here, I love the palette and the pure pigments. They seem like such a bargain also!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

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