Glossybox UK – Unboxing / Review – April 2014

Beauty box week is still in full swing and, yesterday, my Glossybox came! I normally try to do my Glossybox posts on the day but I had two posts already up by the time it came and I really thought three posts in one day was too much, paranoia? Perhaps.

This months theme was Sweet Treats which, to be honest, I really didn’t see reflected in the items – I was hoping for something candy coloured? Foody themed scents? Fruity themed products? Hrm.

First up I saw the ‘Face & Body Tanning Gel’ from He-Shi  medium – I’m not big on tanning but I quite want to try something this year so I can contemplate leaving the house with bare legs (Yes, they are THAT pale), but I’m not sure that medium would be the right shade for me, it might be too big a step. But the instructions from this say that you need to avoid water when wearing it so it sounds very temporary so, maybe it’d be worth a try to just wash it off again if it’s awful. This 50ml tube is worth £7.99 which is a nice size and priced sample.
I like Mememe but that means that I already own their ‘Beat the blues’ multi-use highlighter in ‘Pearl pink’ – The applicator in mine is a bit dodgy but it doesn’t bother me too much so I may swap it out for this one but I’m more likely to pass it on to someone else or pop it in a giveaway, we’ll see. It’s a nice product, though, and lovely to start playing with in the spring/summer months. This is full sized and sells at £5.50.
Woo dry shampoo! I’m getting quite a collection, now, but I love the stuff so I Really don’t mind! This is one from TRESemme and it’s a 100ml can which is a nice size and will last for a good while. The full size of this is 200ml and is worth £4.99.
This lovely little lip brush from Emite Make up is worth £17! Now I normally pop the price in at the end but I thought this was worth a more prime position in the ramble for this item… £17 for a lip brush?! I know I wouldn’t normally pay that but I’m not going to complain at getting one in my box. I have a variety of products that I prefer to apply with a lip brush so I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of this as it’s quite clear that this soft, angled little brush will be superior to the other lip brushes that I have! (Also about 5 times the cost haha!)
Last but, most definitely not least, is the Monu Spa ‘Warming Ginger Massage and body oil’ – Now this seems to be more of a cold weather product, to me, but soft moisturised skin is an all round thing so I’ll overlook that! This does sound lovely, though, I love body oils and this smells just like ginger bread! This is a 30ml bottle and oils last soo long that this should be around for a while for many of us! Another impressively sized and priced sample as the full size of this is 100ml for £25 so we’re looking at about £7.50 worth of product in there.

Initially this box didn’t excite me much but now that I’ve really looked at the products and seen what they do, what they offer etc I’m rather pleased. I think I’d have been happier, sooner, had I got a makeup product that I don’t already have but that’s hardly the fault of Glossybox is it now! I love the oil, the makeup brush will be useful (love getting brushes in boxes!) and the dry shampoo will be a great essential. I’m definitely going to try the tanning gel, though I’m not sure it’ll be for me and the Mememe product is nice as I’ll be able to share a lovely product with someone else even though I can’t use it myself.

The theme was a bit daft compared to what was in the box but a theme isn’t everything – Nicely done, Glossybox, thanks for an enjoyable month! 

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  1. Hannah M April 17, 2014 / 10:22 pm

    I got exactly the same apart from the tan, I got a moisturiser instead
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, the winner gets to choose their own MAC lipstick shade! x

    Hannah x | The Beauty Drawer

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