Styling the Joe Browns ‘Enlighten Dress’ – What I wore for the Divergent Premier

When Joe Browns contacted me to ask if I wanted to review a product for them I was astonished, it makes me feel fantastic that a company like that would want to work with me, it definitely made my day! I was allowed to pick an item, from their current range, within a price bracket and it was So So difficult to do as Joe Browns clothing is just beautiful; a catalogue I peruse and then have to hide from myself as it’d be impossible to afford Everything I want! (And they’ve added Even more since I last looked so it’d have been even harder now!).

I thought about getting a couple of separates to make an outfit but I just couldn’t get away from the dresses section as that’s where my heart lies when it comes to Joe Browns clothing – The dresses, Oh the dresses! I’m not exaggerating here I could spend So So much money on their dresses!

After some heart break at telling myself ‘Oh come on, you already have Too many dresses that you can only wear on special occasions’ I opted for one that I could I could really dress up for a special occasion And dress up a bit for a night out And dress down for a more casual look! I love me some multi-purpose products and that goes for clothing too!

And this is it! The gorgeousness that’s been hanging on the front of my wardrobe saying ‘Look how pretty I am!’ for about a month now – The ‘Englighten Dress’ which retails for £45.

I love the light, mink shade of the lace and the beautiful floral pattern – I just thought that the dusky, neutral shade would work with a whole variety of looks and the pattern meant that it wasn’t plain looking despite the unassuming colour. Honestly, every time I look at it I go, ooh so pretty! (Hard to think I didn’t used to wear dresses at all, not that long ago, isn’t it!)There was a whole host of delays in getting photos of me wearing this dress, I won’t list them all but one of the main ones was light (or lack thereof) – The fact that the light has changed from light to dark four or five, six or seven, times in a day quite regularly recently just made it a nightmare to get decent photos! But, that actually worked out quite well in two ways! Firstly, it gave me a bit of time to lose some weight, I asked for the dress in a size 10 as that’s what I normally am, but I knew that it might be a struggle as I have been edging closer to a size 12 – But I’ve managed to lose a bit of weight and, although it fit before, it fits Much more comfortably now so I think I can say I’m back in the size 10’s.

The other benefit of the delays is that I ended up giving the dress its first outing at the premier of Divergent! If that’s not a reason to wear a special, new dress I don’t know what is! I tried to get some photos of me in the dress on the day but, unfortunately, we got lost on our way to our hotel which meant we had no time before and afterwards I was quite poorly following not eating due to all of the rushing! But I enjoyed what I wore, so much, that I recreated it to share with you for this post.

You’d be safe in guessing that this is the only plain-ish background we have in our house, and also that I am Really not natural, or comfortable, in front of a camera But I am really wanting to do more fashion type posts so this is  me trying to do my best and over come that!I had, originally, wanted to wear the dress with sheer tights and some gorgeous shoes I bought, myself, from Joe Browns (see Instagram HERE) but with the weather being so changeable I thought that it’d be safer to wear some cosy tights so out came my glittery shoes, which seem to be my ‘special day out’ staple!

I kept my make-up quite neutral but with a flush of colour in the cheeks and a nice highlight plus I went for a pinkier toned neutral for the lips so that they would have a natural flush to them too. To go with shine of the shoes I wore my gorgeous gold necklace from one of my earlier Wantable boxes (HERE) and for this photo I added the new watch which I got in my latest Wantable box which I’ll be posting about soon. On the other wrist I’m wearing my brass coloured bracelet which I was given at the Ojon event (HERE) which matched the brass/bronze colour I’ve got on my nails in these shots.

Yup, I tried the looking at the ground pose which so many fashion bloggers use and, darn it, it was actually one of my favourite shots! I felt daft as a brush doing it but there you go! The dress doesn’t have any stretch so if you’re borderline sizes you might want to go for a bigger size as it does cinch in at the waist so a bigger size should be wearable still. It’s comfortable but after a whole day of wearing it I definitely enjoyed taking it off and snuggling into some slouchy pyjamas (but I’m always like that when I’m the slightest bit dressed up haha!)I’m totally in love with this dress, the shade is timeless and works for all seasons – It’s quite short so I wouldn’t want to go bare legged in it but I like that it shows off my longer legs but also doesn’t accentuate my shorter body!

This bow detailing, with a little cutout, at the back is just a beautiful little, added detail, which is the sort of thing I love from Joe Browns – I feel like it adds an extra little cute finish to it and is just a little bit different.I’m still over the moon that I was able to review something by Joe Browns and that I managed to pick something which I’d love this much is just even better! I definitely want to do more clothing related posts (and not Just primark hauls!) so hopefully I’ll just bite the bullet and start photographing some outfits and the likes – I still don’t really class myself as very fashionable so it may go nowhere but I shall endeavour to work on it!

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  1. Milky Rabbit April 9, 2014 / 1:41 pm

    such a lovely dress!

  2. Ailsa Sinclair April 9, 2014 / 2:01 pm

    beautiful dress, i love lace – your pictures actually look better than the ones on the Joe Browns website! x

  3. admin April 9, 2014 / 4:04 pm

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments – You've no idea how much better they make me feel about putting together posts like these 🙂 Even if I feel like I look awkward in the pics as long as you all think the dress still looks beautiful then that's all that matters 😀 xx

  4. Annie G April 9, 2014 / 5:10 pm

    I now have many dresses, and pretty much all of them are Joe Brown's dresses. Love 'em 🙂

  5. lessette shei April 9, 2014 / 11:41 pm

    I love cute lace dresses they never go out of style, good pick
    Pop over to

  6. Fiona Chick May 21, 2014 / 9:33 pm

    I totally didn't spot this dress when I picked mine. It is so pretty – I love the lace and the colour. Great post – hope you get to do some more fashion posts as this one worked well for you (o:

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