Love Me Beauty box – Unboxing / Review – April 2014

The last of the beauty boxes for this month is the Love Me Beauty box – I didn’t get it last month as I didn’t feel entirely inspired by what was up for offer but that didn’t stop me checking out the options for this month and I’m glad that I did as I was impressed and definitely wanted to get a box for this month!

And what a box! Just look at that! There was four items on the menus this month but we also got a £25 voucher for ‘Hello Fresh’ and I got some Weleda samples too!

I’m rather chuffed with the Hello Fresh voucher, I’ve taken a look at the site and, although it’s not a subscription we could afford long term, we’re going to use it towards a box for one week and enjoy some tasty, fresh meals which will, hopefully, help me get back in to cooking!

The Weleda samples, I’m not sure why I got these, but not complaining. The stretch mark massage oil sounds like something I could Really do with so I’ll definitely give that a quick go!

The fist item which was from the menu I chose, which was Menu 2, is the Redken ‘Color Extend Conditioner’ – Redken is a brand that I hear So much about but just haven’t been able to invest in yet so I was more than happy to get hold of this. I can imagine this’ll be a bit useless for anyone who doesn’t colour their hair but I’m sure they’ll know someone who does even if they don’t themselves. I Do colour my hair, though I haven’t for a while, so I’ll save this for next time that I do. This is a pretty nice sized sample at 25ml, the full size is 250ml and is worth £9.99.
Sticking with hair care, the next item I got is from Neal & Wolf – This is one of the items which differed between the menus and this was something which helped my decision. I quite like the idea of a ‘Super Shine Spray’ and I do have a good experience of this brand; I’ve only tried them through this box service but have really enjoyed their products. This is a full sized, 100ml, bottle of spray which is worth £9.50 so we’ve got the cost of the box covered, pretty much, already!
Next up is the only item that is from a brand I’ve not heard of before and that’s Betty Hula – This is their full sized roller ball of the ‘Secret Wonder Oil’ which is worth £6.25. This moisturising oil smells Amazing so I can’t wait to try it out (though I’d rather not have to have dry skin but it’s pretty much an inevitability). That said, the little leaflet says that this little multi-use product can be used for sun burn, stretch marks and scarring as well as dry skin! The little roller ball is a fantastic idea as you can carry it around with you and use it as and when you need to get moisturised! Great potential for travelling, especially with use for sun burn too.
This is the last of the four items from my box and is another that made the decision of which menu to pick, for me. I love Models Own polishes and I’ve not tried any of their ‘Artstix – Nail art pens’ so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get one! This pastel pink shade is perfectly seasonally appropriate and I can’t wait to try out some designs with it. This is worth £6.

A fab box, this month, really – Great value, three full sized products and the remainder is a big sample plus a fantastic range of products. Very happy with what I’ve got this month and looking forward to trying each and every product.

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  1. Ailsa Sinclair April 16, 2014 / 1:42 pm

    all the reviews ive read so far have the Weleda samples as an extra but i didnt receive any in my box 🙁

    however the £25 Hello fresh voucher is a welcome extra, the recipes they have on their site look so good! x

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