Makeup Revolution swatches – Cream blush in ‘Peach cream’ and ‘Rose Cream’ and Blush lacquer in ‘Desire’

I’ve got So many swatch posts to do for the Makeup Revolution products that I’ve bought, the reason I didn’t swatch them in the haul posts was that they were already really photo heavy and that’s also why I’m breaking things down in to sections – I don’t want to do All of my cheek products in one post because, even then, I’d be over doing it on the photos. I don’t want to stretch things out too far, but I also don’t want to just do posts full to the brim with photos so that you end up missing one that would, otherwise, really draw you to a product – If you’re going to love something I don’t want you to miss out on that opportunity.

I’ve seen a Really big interest in the Cream blushes and the Vivid Blush Lacquers from the range so I thought I’d show you some swatches of those (You can win the same Blush lacquer, that I’ll be swatching, in my giveaway HERE) first of all!

These ‘Vivid Blush Lacquers’ have created quite the stir from the responses I’ve seen, a Lot of people have been intrigued and looking forward to trying these out. I swatched one at the launch event and was really pleased that I’d already ordered one in the order I’d made before attending, they are nice. I opted for the shade ‘Desire’ because it seemed quite a mid tone but with a depth to it and I thought that it would work as a nice, natural, ‘walking in the cold’ sort of flush.
As you can see I tried to get the absolute Tiniest amount on my hand (that second spot isn’t another drop of colour, it’s just where I wiped the excess from the nozzle on to my hand) – I wanted to show how pigmented these are.
I didn’t pat it in very evenly (my apologies) but you can definitely see how pigmented that colour is considering I had an amount smaller than the head of a pin on my hand – I should have tried to have my hand the same distance away from the camera to help with seeing how small that spot of product really was, but I promise it was tiny – Blended in to the cheeks this shade gives exactly the look that I want and I can’t imagine Ever having to re-purchase this product because it goes Such a long way! The Blush lacquers cost a tiny £3!
I really quite like cream blushes and I don’t have loads so I picked up two from the Makeup Revolution range, in my second haul. I went for ‘Peach Cream’ and ‘Rose Cream’, nice simple names which fit the products rather well I think you’ll agree. These products are an absolute steal at £1.50 each.
‘Peach cream’, first, this will be an obvious choice for the spring and summer months, I’ve missed peachy toned looks and this is going to be my go-to when I start doing them again! In fact this has excited me so much I may do a look with this tomorrow!

Even just looking at this swatch you can see how beautiful and creamy these blushes are – and that shade… ooh I want to go and do my makeup now! (I won’t tell you what stupidly late hour this is being written at but I Will tell you that it’s definitely not a good time for makeup application!)

The surface of this looks a little different to the other one but it’s nothing to worry about, it’s not a fault in the blush by any means, I’ve had various cream formulas look like this before but it’s never been an issue when I’m using them. This shade is ‘Rose cream’ and I’ve worn it a couple of times already and I Love it!
Similarly to the liquid blush that I swatched above, this is a ‘flushed’ sort of look but it’s a bit more ‘English rose’ if that makes any sense – To be honest I’m not even sure anyone knows why these descriptions are as they are, but they do kinda work!

Again, the formula is evident and the pigmentation beautiful. I really recommend these, and the lacquer blushes (which I definitely want more shades of) – All very beautiful and great to work with (not to mention crazily affordable!)

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  1. katie spencer April 21, 2014 / 12:02 am

    Hi could you let me know how the cream blushes compare to MUA's if you have those? I like Mua but their blush colours don't appeal to me as much, and the packaging always breaks on me.

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