Makeup Revolution’s ‘Acid Brights’ palette – Swatches

Still getting those swatch posts written up and I know this isn’t one that’s been overly requested But I know a friend of mine has been intrigued by the neon’s so I thought she’d quite like to see this one – So this is for her! (And the rest of you, of course!)

As with all of the other palettes in this range the ‘Acid Brights’ palette is £4 – Unlike most of the other palettes, though, this one really isn’t going to be for everyone, let’s be honest here; not everyone wants neon eye shadow.

On the flip side, though, if you want to have some fun and experiment with colour, play with doing some fashion looks or something alternative then this is the way to do it, for £4 you can really go all out and have a ball with these bold and striking shades.

Not all of the shades are super pigmented but a lot of them are, and the ones that aren’t are definitely buildable, I haven’t built them up in my swatches because I want to be fair so they all got the same amount of application.
I really quite like the first shade, that bright yet deep pink. It’s very pigmented and very bold plus is has a pretty sheen to it, as you can see towards the bottom of the swatch – It actually reminds me of a pink shadow I used to have back in my teens; when I used to wear baggy jeans and band tees as well as very little makeup I did go through a phase of neon pink eye liner and bold pink shadow. It wasn’t the best look, especially the eye liner, but that shade is definitely a statement (and I could definitely do something better with it now than I did back then!)

The white, yellow and orange are some of the less pigmented shades But there’s some payoff from them all and you could definitely build them all up to a much better colour if that’s what you wanted, not to mention using a primer. That orange is rather striking and I don’t think it’d take much at all to get a pretty dense colour from it.

These four shades are, without a doubt, the most pigmented of the lot – And all rather beautiful to boot. I love both of those blues, with that gorgeous shimmer that you can see at the bottom I can really picture them both as fabulous water shades, oceans, mermaids something like that.

A very true purple with a lean towards neon, is how I’d describe the third shade, it’s a matte shade so not as dense as the first two but a good colour payoff none the less, and yet again easily buildable. Purple’s my favourite colour but not something I have a Lot of makeup wise (apart from plum and berry toned lip shades of course) so I am drawn to the idea of doing something crazy and bright with this shade, especially against my blue eyes… could make something rather striking.

I was expecting the green to be an almost khaki shade but, as you can see, it’s Really bright! I have no idea what I’d do with that shade but I’m sure it could be fun to try out.

Neon pink and neon green were obviously going to need to be part of this set and the shades are matte, again, so sheer but definitely workable (especially that pink) – You’ve definitely got a good set of neons amongst these other super bold tones.

That silver shade is gorgeous – I don’t know how when or why I might want such a bright, metallic silver but if I do this would definitely be where I’d come for it. One of the most densely pigmented shades in the palette it’s got a gorgeous shimmer to it. The black isn’t the most opaque I’ve ever seen but with a couple more swipes it probably could be.

A lot of fun to be had here – And I look forward to trying this out, throwing my neutral sensibility to the wind and making something different. I can harken back to the years when bright makeup was more my sort of thing, even if I didn’t get very far with it back then!

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  1. Claire Brownbill April 16, 2014 / 11:38 am

    I was wondering what their neon palette would be like – I think because they're not too pigmented you could use these as accent colours without looking weird! I am waiting for pay day to try this brand out – I am waiting to here peoples thoughts on their foundation range too!



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