My second Makeup Revolution haul for April 14!

It became glaringly obvious that, once my first Makeup Revolution haul arrived, I had got a gorgeous selection of things But there would be much more that I wanted if I wanted a chance of ‘completing’ my collection (I say completing, it’s clearly not complete but I have something from each of the sections of the range, now) – As such it wasn’t long before my second haul was in the planning, and then was ordered!

As a quick reminder you can buy Makeup Revolution from their website but, also, since the 9th of April they’ve been available in Superdrug! Keep an eye out for when they’re available in stores, too, if you’re waiting to swatch things yourself before purchasing!

If you haven’t seen my first haul you can see it HERE and don’t forget that you can Win that whole selection of products for yourself by entering my giveaway HERE!

Even just the packaging is appealing, isn’t it? The rose gold boxes and the rose gold lettering on products themselves – Such a beautiful looking range with a much higher quality look than you’d expect for the incredibly low price point. This whole order cost me £31.50 – All of these items for that cost; I ordered all of this but when it arrived it still surprised me that I got such amazing value for my money, seeing it all like that just showed Quite how much was there!
Nail polishes first – The standard shades are £1 and the glitters are £1.50. The pale pink shade at the far left is ‘Boy needs a Girl’ and the pink/gold/rose gold sort of shade in the middle is ‘Love for Sale’ and the silver multi-glitter is ‘License to Love
I picked up two lip products in this order – The first is the ‘Salvation Velvet’ Lip laquer in the shade ‘What I believe’ which cost £3 and secondly I picked up another Amazing Lipstick in the shade ‘Divine’ which was £1.

My plan, now that I have a good collection built up, is to get things grouped together for me to do some good swatch posts and let you see what the products are like in better detail.

I went all out with the eye products, this time. I’d thought about getting another palette but thought that I should probably try out more singles and I’m rather glad that I did! I got two of the ‘Out of this world Merged Eyeshow’ singles, on the far left we have the shade ‘Limitless’ and then ‘Galactic’. I also opted for two of the regular single shadows and picked the shades ‘Promised Land’ and ‘Dirty Money’ – I quite love all four of these shadows and can’t wait to show you swatches so that may have to be the post I do first. The merged shadows cost £1.50 and the regular shades are £1.

I decided to pick up two mascaras, too, which might seem odd when I already have a lot of mascaras but I got their ‘Amazing Curl’ mascara in my bag from the launch and was really impressed so I wanted to see how the other two types held up. As such I’ve got ‘Amazing Lengths’ in black/brown and ‘Amazing volume’ in Ultra black. I think I’ll try and put together before and after pics for all three of these so you can get a good idea of which would suit you. The ‘Amazing length’ mascara costs £1.50 and ‘Amazing Volume’ is £2.

Lastly, for eyes, I picked up the Kajal liner. This isn’t the sort of thing I normally use but I  had a lovely mini makeover at the brand launch and the lovely lady used this to give me a nice lined eye and I was intrigued as to how I could get along with it myself. Considering this is only £2 I thought it’d be a good price to experiment with!

I picked up two more base products in this haul; starting with the ‘Focus & Fix’ eye primer. I have a lot of primers so opted for the Brightening version as I was interested to see what difference it would make and how it would work – These are well priced at £2.50.

I swatched the Matte Foundation when I was at the product launch and was interested to see how it would be on the face after seeing how lovely and light the formula was, compared to most other matte base products I’ve tried. This doesn’t, quite, have the 16 shades offered with the One foundation but it still has a, rather impressive, 8 shades to pick from. I went for the lightest shade ‘Ivory’ and, so far, it seems to be a good match. This foundation, amazingly, is only £2.

It would be safe to guess that I decided it was the right time to sample more of the blush products! I picked up three of the normal powder blushes, two cream and one baked blush.

The powder blushes cost £1 and from left to right the shades are ‘Sugar’, ‘Now’ and ‘Treat’. Underneath we have two cream blushes with ‘Peach Cream’ on the left and ‘Rose Cream’ on the right with the ‘Vivid Baked Blush’ in ‘All I Think About is You’ – The cream blushes cost £1.50 and the baked blush £2.50.

Wow… so that is that. You can see what I mean about being amazed by how much you get for £31.50 can’t you?! I am thrilled with how many exciting new things I’ve got to try now and am really looking forward to letting you know what I think of them. I’d love to know which ones you’d like to know about first, which swatches you’d like to see etc so please do let me know so that I can put those ones to the front of the queue.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win yourself your own version of my first haul (post HERE), a gorgeous selection of goodies which include the, almost sold out, ‘Iconic 3’ palette amongst many other products which I think you’ll love!

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  1. Beautyat40andbeyond April 11, 2014 / 12:08 pm

    Would love to see swatches I'd the blushes please. I am so tempted but I have so much already…

  2. Milky Rabbit April 11, 2014 / 6:20 pm

    aww omg love everything! <3

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