My Wantable Accessories post for April 2014 – Wantable in the UK

I got this box a couple of days ago but it’s been busy busy around here so it’s taken me a wee while to get the post together – I think it’ll be worth the wait, though, hopefully you’ll like what you see, the boxes can be ordered from

If you’ve not heard of Wantable before, they’re based in the US but have just begun shipping to the UK, too. The boxes cost $36, which is a little over £20, but rather than the sorts of boxes we’re used to, they give 4-5 full sized products in a box rather than, primarily, samples. If you are ordering from the UK then you’ll, also, have to pay postage costs which, if I remember rightly, come in at about £7. No doubt, they’re not a cheap box, but thus far I’ve loved everything I’ve had out of them – This box is probably my favourite so far.
This gorgeous, royal blue, aztec design caught my eye instantly. The item is a the ‘Ivery Scarf’, which is a ‘snood’ style and with it being in a cotton type fabric it’ll be lovely for the cooler days when it’s not cold, just cooler. I absolutely love the design, I know that Aztec type patterns are really popular at the moment but I don’t have anything myself so this has been a very welcome addition for me. The list that comes with the box tells me that this scarf is worth $22 which is Considerably more than I’d pay for a scarf but if it’s coming in a box like this I’m not going to say no. Honestly I really love it.
I can’t say how surprised I was to find this in my box – A watch! This is the ‘Gabriela watch’ which is a hinged, bangle style band rather than a fitted watch strap. I couldn’t believe my luck to get this in my box because, only a week or two before the box came, I’d been looking to get a new watch; something in a chunky, ‘boyfriend’ style which is exactly how I’d describe this.
The buttons on the side and the little dials are faux, which is what you’d expect for an affordable watch like this, and it doesn’t bother me at all (I Really wouldn’t use those anyway!) It’s perfect for everyday wear but also just adds a bit of a shine to most outfits, I am a wee bit in love. The list values this at $30 which I’d totally pay for something like this, the build feels really good and strong, well made plus it’s so pretty!
I Love this ‘Addie Necklace’, I mean Love! I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is but it’s just perfect and I can think of a tonne of outfits that I’m going to wear it with – It’ll add a stylish but edgy look to anything that you pair it with and the tarnished look is just the sort of thing I like. For a value of $20 I would probably buy this myself, it comes in at a little over £11 in our currency and I think that something of this style, which was well made and in a good quality high street store, could easily cost more than that – I’d not be surprised to see this for £15 in Top shop?
This incredibly simple ring, which goes by the name of the ‘Sloane ring’, didn’t wow me but I instantly put it on and just, sort of… looked at it for a while. As simple as it is the sheen of the silver colour and the convex design is rather different – It will go with pretty much everything that you want to pair it with and just kinda ‘works’. For $12 I don’t think it’s a bad price either.

I’m sure you’ll understand why I liked this box a lot, other than the scarf I think that all of the items deserved their price tag and they are all incredibly wearable. I want to wear everything lots and lots and lots!

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