Monday, 28 April 2014

Nail Wheel swatches - Makeup Revolution polishes - 'Cupid in Disguise', 'Boy Needs a girl', 'Love for Sale', 'License to Love' and 'Lover Boy'

I've got some gorgeous nail wheel swatches to show you today, I've got 5 Makeup Revolution polishes, plus their top coat and I've really been impressed with them so far. I really like the brush, it's just the right amount of give whilst staying quite firm. The polishes go on nicely, some of the paler shades need an extra coat, but they dry with remarkable speed.

The shades I have are 'Cupid in Disguise' (which can be won in my giveaway HERE but only until tomorrow, 29/04/14), 'Boy Needs a Girl', 'Love for Sale', 'License to Love' and 'Lover Boy' - Three of which are glitters and two are standard formula. The normal formulas cost £1 and the glitters £1.50 which is an amazing price.

'Cupid in Disguise'
'Boy Needs a Girl'
'Love For Sale'
'License to Love'
'Lover Boy'*

 As you can see, they all look beautiful in the bottle, but you want to see how they look swatched, so here's some nail wheels to give you an idea of how they look. I gave them all two coats but the glitters would definitely have taken more to be opaque (apart from License to Love) - I definitely find that 'Love for Sale' works better over the top of another colour.

As you can see they decrease in opacity as you go from left to right, 'License to Love' is a beautiful multi-glitter which is predominantly silver but with hits of other colours running through it, and it's opaque within two coats, it's a very nice, fun shade.

The deep turquoise/teal glitter of 'Lover Boy' is equally as beautiful but would have needed a third coat to become opaque or, if it had been over a deep blue/green shade would have been great as a top coat. Lastly 'Love For Sale' takes a lot more coverage to be opaque but it's one where you'd probably forgo the opacity in order to make it a beautiful top coat - I absolutely love it over a gold, neutral or dusky pink shades as each of these work along side the shades in this glitter polish as well as allowing the opposite colours to come out. The mix of gold and pink glitters are just beautiful.

It's difficult to photograph but I think this one shows how the pink shades come out in shadow but the gold shines in the light, isn't this look just beautiful?!

The shade in the centre of this image is 'Cupid in disguise' - It's an absolutely stunning rose gold shade in which the pink tones are more subtle and the gold more prevalent. This turns it into an almost neutral/gold shade but with pink hints shining through in certain lights, I Love it.

And lastly, we have the creamy pale pink of 'Boy needs a girl' - I'm sure you appreciate how difficult it is to get a colour this pale which doesn't streak so this is a great shade. Upon the nails it does streak a little but by the time you layer it up it can end up looking lovely and smooth like on the wheel.

These are all fantastic polishes which apply really nicely. I like the brush on them, too, sometimes a less expensive polish will have a brush that's really awkward to use but in these the brushes are very very usable.

All in all, there are SO many shades and So many options considering you're looking at £1 or £1.50 for these polishes, very impressed.

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*The shade 'Lover boy' was given to me in my goody bag but I bought the rest of these shades myself*


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