Reviewing Steam Cream in the new limited edition ‘Vanity’ tin by Maki Kahori

I expect that a majority of you have heard of Steam Cream – The freshly made, multi purpose, cream which is fused by steam. It’s definitely a product that captures the attention and I’ve often wondered if it lived up to it’s interesting concept!

As well as the different way in which it’s made, there’s another big appeal to this intriguing cream, and that’s the beautifully designed tins that it is packaged in. I’ve seen various tins which have captured my attention over the past couple of years and I can see why people could end up with more than one of these as there’s going to always be another new tin which you just have to have!

When I first saw the limited edition Vanity tin  I loved it; it has a real ‘wow factor’ and it is just gorgeous, a work of art. The design is by the Japanese artist Maki Kahori and I was instantly intrigued and had to go off to google her other work (I am now a Big big fan!)

I can assure you that even once the cream is gone I will be finding every excuse to keep using this tin, I’m thinking it’ll be fab for keeping bits and bobs safe on my bedside table or something of the sort… It has to be out on show as it’s just so so pretty! That beautiful bright blue bloom is likely to brighten up any vanity or be a real feature of your beauty collection.
But of course  you’ll be wanting to know what the cream inside the tin is like, too, if you’ve not tried it yourself already. I think, even from the picture above, you can actually See how light this cream is; it’s unbelievably light! The cream is hand made with fresh ingredients including lavender, orange flower, cocoa butter, oatmeal and rose – for me the scent of lavender is what I smell to begin with but after the cream has settled I get a more citrus scent from it (I worked this out before I looked at the ingredients so I can assure you that I wasn’t swayed by knowing what’s in it)
I’m definitely a big fan of the fact that there’s so many natural ingredients in this cream, definitely, and the idea that the steam process allows the ingredients to infuse without using lots of extra emulsifying ingredients is a big bonus. I’m not a big fan of the lavender scent, and I know many others aren’t either, but if you can put up with it for a short while it really does pass quickly, leaving that much more pleasant scent behind before disappearing at all.


I think that this picture further illustrates how light that this cream is, you can see how it sits on my skin, before being rubbed in, it’s just so different from it’s more dense and heavy counterparts. When the cream is rubbed in you do feel it on the surface of your skin for a little while but in a very short time it’s totally absorbed and it leaves your skin feeling very very soft and supple.

The cream is said to be suitable for all skin types, due to its light formula, and I can definitely see why that claim seems possible. It can be used as a multi-purpose cream, for the face, hands and body but I prefer to keep it to the hands and body as I prefer to use face creams which are more specifically designed for the face. That said, the fact that this product comes in the handy little tin means that I’ll definitely consider this for travel, or for keeping in my bag and for the sake of saving space and time I’d definitely use it as an all over cream when I was staying over somewhere.

All in all I’m a Steam cream fan, now, and I am definitely a Maki Kahori fan too as that tin is just stunning! I look forward to seeing what other beautiful designs are released in the future!

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  1. Kim Carberry April 28, 2014 / 1:18 pm

    It's gorgeous isn't it….I've tried it and love it. The tins are so cute too 🙂

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