Swatches of Sleek’s Limited Edition ‘Showstoppers’ palette –

I was very pleased to see a new Sleek palette coming out to celebrate 50 years of Superdrug and I was even more pleased to see that the shades in there made me go ‘oooooh!’ – I loved the idea of all new shades, all being named after previous Sleek palettes; really making this a celebratory palette, for Sleek as well as Superdrug!

Really pleased to have got the ltd edition box, this time, I know the box doesn’t matter but I Loved the limited edition box for the Vintage romance palette and was gutted to just get the standard black box. Isn;t this pink, feathery design just stunning!
Just teasing you now, those of you who’ve not seen the palette yet are going to be wanting me to just hurry up and show those shades! So here they come!
A really nice balance of shimmer shades, mattes and a couple of sparkle shades. Every one of them is beautifully pigmented and there’s a really exciting balance between safe shades and more exciting, different shades. Just from the picture in the pans I Know I’m going to have a Lot of fun with this palette. And, let me just tell you, the swatches do Not disappoint.

A couple of photos just so that you can see the shades from different angles, you can see how different they look in different lights. From L-R we have ‘Paraguaya’, ‘Sunset’ and ‘Me, Myself and Eye’ – Three beautiful shades with ‘Sunset’ being my favourite of the three, so so pretty. 

Next up we have ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Noir’ and ‘Ultramattes V2’ – I really love ‘Bad Girl’, it’s just stunning with that green/gold edge and I really can’t wait to play with it. The other two shades are fantastically strong shades and incredibly pigmented.
Only one shot of ‘Oh So Special’, ‘Bohemian’ and ‘Storm’ with them all being matte. I really really like all three of these, that soft matte grey is something that I think will be invaluable and the peachy/coral shade and navy aren’t the sort of shades I normally use but I’m Really really looking forward to giving them a go. Very well pigmented for matte shades, love them. 

The last three, stunning shades are ‘Sparkle’, ‘Au Naturel’ and ‘Graphite’. The first and third shades are both shimmers but if you can see the top photo the central shade is a glitter shade and it’s Stunning! I love it, so so much. Then again, ‘Graphite’ is a bit beautiful too.

I can’t really make my mind up as to which shades are my favourites in this palette, there are some which are nice but quite normal but there’s also a Lot of really stand out shades. I’m going to have a whole lot of fun playing with this palette and I’ll try and get some photographs taken as I do so maybe I can even try to share with you all too!

You can get the ‘Showstopper’ palette from Superdrug for the standard price of £7.99 – Don’t let it slip past if you like it, it won’t be around forever!

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