The Brand Launch for Makeup Revolution in London – Including Lots of product photos!

The incredibly kind Mr Makeup invited both Kate (from British Sparkle) and I to the product launch for his very very exciting new brand, ‘Makeup Revolution’. Neither of us live near London, which is where it was, but it was such a fabulous opportunity that both of us made big journeys in order to be able to attend – And I think I can say, on both of our accounts, that it was well worth making the effort for.

You’ll remember I already posted about the brand last Friday, when they launched their website early, as I just wasn’t able to contain my excitement (You can see my previous post HERE) The, new, website is here: – I couldn’t help but order some products even before I went to the launch, either, as I was worried they would go out of stock (and it looks like there’s a distinct possibility there will be some sell out’s based on how much they’ve sold thus far!)

It’s safe to say that both Kate, and I, were rather nervous as we approached the St Martin’s Lane hotel, it was Very grand looking and not the sort of place we normally frequent. It was absolutely beautiful inside and it suggested fantastic things for the launch! Once we reached the room the event was hosted in we were greeted warmly and shown around at all of this! (Queue photo overload!) (Also, after the photos I’ll tell you what we thought about the products we were able to look at)

Yes… We were absolutely Surrounded  by gorgeous displays of very very exciting products. It’s safe to say that our hands, and arms, were multicoloured with swatches by the time that we were done. Swatches aren’t the be all and end all but I know that everything I did swatched lived up to my hopes and expectations, and often more! The quality of the eye shadows (Yes!), pigmentations and creamy texture of lipsticks (Yes!), concealers (Yes!)… you see where this is going?! I predict a Lot of gems in this collection, it’s going to be hard to pick favourites.

I was also lucky to have a mini make-over and had some eye liner applied, plus some contour, highlight and lip gloss. The products all felt wonderful when they were applied and the look was beautiful. It was lovely to sit and have a quite little pamper, too, and everyone we spoke to at the launch was just so lovely and incredibly enthusiastic about the products – Fantastic feeling to be in a room of people who’re all as excited about something as you are!

Before we left Kate and I were lucky enough to meet, and have a good chat, with Mr Makeup himself with whom we’ve been in contact for a while and who we’ve become friends with; so lovely to finally meet him and discover that he’s as nice in person as he has been during our contact online. His enthusiasm was electric and utterly contagious, I can promise  you, this is a brand to watch! Lastly, we met one of Mr Makeup’s team member’s who was also as lovely as we’d always hoped; fantastic to finally meet her too. And, of course, we had a quick snuffle from the company pug who was just as cute as pictures had previously promised!

As we left we were given a sleek, black gift bag with a mix of products for us to look at and trial and share with you all – I’ll show you them here and then I’ll get swatches and first impressions up in the coming days/weeks.

I’ve got thoughts about what I’ll post about first, but if there’s anything you’d like to see swatches of, and hear my first impressions of, first, then please please let me know! Also… I’ll let you know how, if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this monster of a post; some of the products we were given are the same as some items I ordered from their site so, you guessed it, those that I’ll end up with two of will, possibly, go into a little giveaway (and they’re some Really nice items which I think you’ll love!) So, as ever, Watch This Space! 

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  1. Ailsa Sinclair April 1, 2014 / 4:37 pm

    All the products look lovely. I ordered a few things over the weekend, hopefully be arriving soon. Looks like the same colour nail polish I bought too x

    • admin April 1, 2014 / 4:53 pm

      Hopefully they'll come soon 🙂

      Such an amazing range of things to come out at launch 😀 Very exciting stuff xx

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