The European premier of Divergent – March 30th 2014

As many of you may have seen, when I ran a giveaway to win a pair of tickets, I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to the European premier of Divergent! It was on the 30th March 2014, at Leicester Square Odeon, which just happened to be the day before I was already planning on going to London (little bits of good luck, like that, don’t tend to happen to me so I was rather pleased!)

The movie is out on the 4th of April and, if you’re a fan of the books, or if you like dystopian fiction then this might be something you want to catch – I’d not read the books previously to being invited, but I had seen the trailer and it had piqued my interest. Being the sort of person that likes to have read the books before watching a film I downloaded them on to my kindle and read the whole trilogy in a matter of days. In all honesty I was impressed; there’s some great YA fiction out there but I’ve read a lot of not so great stuff over the past few years, too. Thankfully this was definitely one of the good ones – It Really made me more excited to see the film (but also worried me, you know how films often tend to deviate from the books much more than we’d like!)

Kate and I both arrived in London on the Sunday and we had to find each other, find our Travelodge and then get ready before making our way to the event itself… needless to say things didn’t go to plan, when do things Ever go to plan?! It took us a Lot longer to find our Travelodge than it should have so it meant that when we finally got to Leicester Square we were at the back of a VERY long queue and it was already supposed to be the time that people were meant to be inside the cinema.
Once we’d moved a little further forward I was able to get quite a nice shot of the big screen, through some trees, I think it came out quite nicely actually! You can see how the whole square was transformed for the fan event which had been going on all weekend (I’m pretty sure you can see a glimpse of a climbing wall in there and all sorts, I can’t imagine what they’d had people doing but it looked like lots of fun)


All of the decoration really added to the atmosphere of the afternoon. Even though we were right at the back of the queue it definitely still felt like the excitement that had built the atmosphere reached us without a problem – On the screens that you can see in the background we got lots of clips of what was happening on the red carpet, only a short stroll away from us and the constant screams of ‘Theo Theo’ from the girls by the red carpet was definitely hard to miss!

We were some of the last people in (which I was told by a Dauntless that asked me to high five her on the way in – Yup, characters and everything hehe!) so we were sat right at the back but, to be honest, that suited me down to the ground because I don’t like having to crane my neck to look up to the screen, ouch! When we reached our seats we had a t-shirt which correlated with which area we were sat in and also a bottle of a fruit drink (which was more exciting than it sounds as I was So thirsty!) – Our t-shirts are Bright orange as we were sat in Amity so I don’t think it’ll get a lot of day to day wear but you can be sure I’ll be rocking it as nightwear!

We may not have been at the front for the red carpet action but as you can see we all got a chance to hear from the director, some of the stars and the author of the book who all came and said hello before the film started. The atmosphere in the room was pretty intense from the moment we got in there, So many excited people in a proportionally small space… plus Lots of screaming, especially when Theo James walked in to the room.I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the books and I can see how they became best sellers. I was so so pleased that the film didn’t stray, too far, from the story in the books and, so, if you’re a fan you should be safe enough that the film won’t ruin the imagined world that you’ll have created when you read them; the film should definitely just add to it, and that’s exactly what you want a film to do. I look forward to getting this on dvd in the future and seeing it again, it was very enjoyable and having been able to experience a premier was just fantastic, if you ever get the chance to go to a fan event to win tickets or enter a competition or anything like that, for something like this, then definitely give it a go!

I was given the chance to go to the premier in order to write about it. But the post is based entirely on how I experienced it – I wasn’t sure I’d like the film but I genuinely was very pleasantly surprised, so everything I’ve said in the post is entirely true


  1. Ailsa Sinclair April 3, 2014 / 2:17 pm

    Your so lucky! wish i could of been there, looks like it was an amazing night. going to watch the movie this weekend at the cinema, but havent read the books yet…wonder if i will manage to read it in a day? x

  2. Kate Musgrove April 4, 2014 / 6:52 am

    I think I went a little more in detail then your review, all down to our VIP tickets that weren't VIP. But I had a fantastic time, thank you for inviting me. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

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