An update on my Slimpod journey – Thinking Slimmer

I just wanted to share a little update with you on how things are going with the Slimpod experience that I’m trying out with Thinking Slimmer. If you missed my original post, where I explained what a Slimpod is, then you can see that HERE, just to get an idea of what I’m talking about!

I’ve only got a few weeks left of the experience and I’m really rather pleased with it, thus far. I’ve had a tough few weeks, personally, so I’ve not listened as much as I should be and I’ve indulged in more naughty foods but despite that I’ve still lost some size and, over all, I’ve been eating less, eating better and just feeling much much more confident!

I’m never going to be the poster child for the system, my health just doesn’t fit with much more exercise than I already do and I didn’t need to lose Tonnes of weight/size to begin with but I Think that my success shows that this can work for anyone, it doesn’t just need to be for those who want to drop 4 dress sizes!

My main aim from trialling the programme was to make sure I fit, comfortably, in my wedding dress. Well, even before finishing, that’s exactly what I can do! I’d still like to lose a bit more, but only a small bit. Hopefully, as long as I can get myself back on track, I’ll be able to lose that last bit of size and get back on top of it all. The main thing for me is that I managed to Stop my weight gain and have begun to rewind; when I’m on the medication that I’m on that, alone, seemed like it’d be a struggle so it feels fantastic to have managed that much already.

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