Love Me Beauty – Unboxing / Review – May 2014

More beauty boxes! Oh yes, it’s time for ‘Love Me Beauty’ today and it’s a good’un!

After having taken a little break from them, as I wasn’t feeling as inspired, I feel like they’re back on good form and I’m definitely glad I’ve un-paused my account. These boxes are similar to your standard options but you get added control over what you receive, as you pick from one of three menu’s, and there’s also the possibility to skip a month if you’re not feeling it. Some nice additional features.

I opted for menu one, this month, as it had the closest balance of products to what I wanted – I was excited by the variety in this months boxes.
Yup, cute little notebooks! And chocolate tea, and some fab beauty samples… an awesome box!
Firstly I got this lip balm in ‘Hint of Mint’ by Raw Skincare – I hadn’t particularly wanted mint but I wanted other aspects of this box so that’s how it worked out. As it happened I really like the mint scent of this, it’s not as fake smelling as a lot of the ones you get, it smells natural but also a bit like mint icecream – Rather nice! It’s cooling and natural and, thus far, it’s doing a good job. This is worth £1.98.
Secondly we have a nail polish from Nail Girls and the leaflet says it’s called ‘Nude Pink’, though there’s no name on the bottle. It’s described as a ‘nude with a hint of soft, sheer baby pink’ which I can’t say I agree with. It’s very pink but I like it, a tiny bit more lilac in it and it’d be the ‘orchid’ shade that’s meant to be this years colour. This is a full sized polish worth £13.50 and it applies very very nicely.
The flavour of the Tea Pigs tea is something which helped confirm my menu decision for this month – there’s a number of their flavours that we want to try and chocolate is one of them. It sounds massively, massively odd but I really want to try it! These tea bags are worth 65p each and we got three of them.
The design of the note pads was a big factor in my decision this month, they all looked nice but it was these that really caught my eye. The notepads are from GO Stationery and this set is called ‘Vintage Daisy’ – They’re diddy little things but just fantastic for popping in your handbag or keeping to hand around the house (there’s three so one in different places so you never forget them!) – I love stationery, I love note pads so this was bound to be a winner for me. This pack of three is worth £5.
This set of three samples from Suti is the last item in my box – It contains a pot each of their ‘Cleanse balm’, ‘Fabulous foot balm’ and ‘Purity balm’ – I am a bit fan of balms of all varieties so this is a fab little set for me. They all smell quite pleasant, though not of very much, and they all feel rather nice to touch – You can get a Suti trial pack from their site for £6.50 but it contains a few extra products, not just these three. The pack seems like a great idea, though, and I’m happy to have the three balms to try from this mini set. 
I absolutely love the wide variety of products in this months box and I think I will, happily, try each and every one of these products, none of them should be seeing a samples box of doom any time soon! Really knocked it out of the park this month Love me beauty!
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  1. Simone May 13, 2014 / 10:24 am

    I paused Love Me Beauty this month because I have enough notepads lying around to start my own stationery shop and I already have the teas they were offering. Opinions this month seem very divided too with some asking if it's moving more towards lifestyle. This is a great example of what I always say about these boxes, that the best one really depends on what you want from a subscription box and the month's offerings! I do like the look of the notepad collection but can't feed my addiction! Hope the foot balm is good, I love them!

    • admin May 13, 2014 / 1:16 pm

      Haha I have too many too but these are so small and cute that they don't take up much space (that's my justification) – I can see why people might think that but I think it's nice when the odd lifestyle product gets thrown in and there was plenty of beauty in there too. I guess we shall see!

  2. Justine May 13, 2014 / 9:04 pm

    I got the same box and I love it!!!!!

  3. Faye Savory May 23, 2014 / 8:57 am

    I've been trying to work which box I'd like to order recently and it's been helpful to read your review so thank you 🙂 the notebooks are so sweet!

    Faye |

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