Saturday, 24 May 2014

Makeup Revolution's Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette in 'Make Believe' - Review and swatches

If you didn't see my post on the fabulous 'Dream Box' by Jane from BritishBeautyBlogger and the lovely people at Latest In Beauty, yesterday, then you are missing out on a feast for your eyes. Such a fabulous box, and if you weren't lucky enough to get one I've linked up to LiB's competition to win one of 5 boxes, in that post, so go check it out HERE.

One of the items I was really pleased to see in the box was an 'Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette' - Now these are only worth £4 so it wasn't the value of the item that excited me, it's the fact that so many people will be introduced to the brand And, like me, may get a palette that challenges their colour choices and breaks them out of their comfort zone. I got the brightest palette of the lot 'Make Believe' and I am So glad I did, it's stunning and I already have all sorts of plans for what I'm going to do with it.

If you got this palette, like me, then take a look at the swatches below, see how stunning they are, maybe you can find a place for this in your collection! And if not, then see the quality of the shadows, maybe you should be swapping with a friend or purchasing a neutral version because I think these little palettes have a space in anyone's collection.

I absolutely love the size of these palettes - They fit into your palm a little like a smart phone would yet they hold 14 shadows and two brow colours; talk about compact and convenient! This is the type of palette you want to travel with or that you want to have hanging around so you can put together a different look every day! The quality of the shadows is exactly as I've come to expect from that brand, beautifully pigmented and creamy to apply. Let's get on to the shades!

As always I've given you the shades from two angles, just to try and give you a closer idea of them. This three was an absolute nightmare to photograph as they have luminescent qualities that just didn't want to be captured by the camera!

The first shade is a gorgeous soft pink but, as you can see in the photos, it has a gold sheen to it that just glows. The second shade is soft creamy shade but it has the brightest pink pearlescence to it; Much Much more than shows up in the pics, it really does have a bright pink sheen to it, stunning. The last shade is a very pale neutral sort of shade with a silver shimmer to it. Beautiful.

Next up we have some stunning purples and blues. Far left we have a lilac shade with a gorgeous lilac/silver sheen that really brightens up in the light. The middle shade is another that doesn't capture the entire beauty in photo, it's a stunning mid purple but in the light it has a bright blue, almost ultraviolet sheen. And oh that bright bright blue! It doesn't look like much in the pan but it absolutely comes to life on the skin, this is going to be a fabulous shade to use as a shadow liner this summer.

Next up we have a really different mix of shades. The pink is the only matte in the palette, it's lovely and pigmented with a good deep pink tone to it. The middle shade is the only one I'm not sure I'd use much at all and that's because it's a red, it's a stunning red but I just don't think my pale complexion could pull it off. It really is gorgeous though. The last, bright aqua shade, though, I think will be another stunning summer liner colour, the sheen to it gives it such a brightness and the shade is just beautiful.

I've been really intrigued with khaki, green/gold toned shadows recently so this one has definitely caught my attention - Just need to get the confidence to play with it haha! The dark grey is almost, almost a matte but has the hint of a shimmer in it, a lovely shade. I bet you can guess my plans for the luminous blue?! Yup, another liner shade I think!

The last two shadow shades are these two, simple ones. This deep brown shade with a gorgeous shimmer would be perfectly at home in a neutrals palette, as well as here, and it'll be perfect for making a lot of looks work. Lastly, the shimmery black is fantastically pigmented and will have so many uses!

And, finally, we have the two brow shades. Not a whole lot to say, we've a light shade and a darker shade which you could mix if you're somewhere in between. The palette also comes with a wee angled brow brush as well as the standard foam applicator for the shadows, a nice little addition.

You can expect a neutral version of this palette showing up this blog in the future, I love how convenient and compact this is and, with the more obvious daily shades, I think I could get So much use out of it. Though I can't wait to play with a number of the shades from this brighter one too.

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  1. wow that palette has some really beautiful and fun shades!

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