My Birchbox Shop haul including The Balm and Caudalie’s ‘Beauty Elixir’ – May 2014

Thanks to the lovely people who’ve clicked through my Birchbox link, and signed up, I’ve had another big build up of reward points and, due to some really exciting items being added to the shop, I decided it was time to redeem some of those points and get a haul in! I spent almost £100 worth of points and got some fantastic things! Thank you anyone who’s ever clicked through my Birchbox links, it reminds me how many pop by to have a read!

As I said, above, this totalled almost £100 worth of points, but you can see why considering there’s two ‘The Balm’ palettes in there and a Caudalie product – All of these things can be picked up in the Birchbox Shop. I wanted to pick up some of the sweet and salty Propercorn to share with Azii but it was out of stock so I got a few of the new Coconut and vanilla, but sadly I can’t share those as Azii doesn’t like coconut!
I fell in love with a miniature of the Caudalie ‘Beauty Elixir’ last year but I couldn’t afford to sustain the addiction so I just forced myself to stop using it. Now I have one of the 100ml bottles I’ll be using it plenty, especially in the lead up to the wedding.
I needed something to top up my spend to a rounded number and my Balmi collection was just begging for another member. I love anything raspberry so this was an easy choice to make, really.

I was very excited to see ‘The Balm’s ‘Balm Jovi’ palette available in the shop – I’ve seen this around but not had a chance to buy it before – A nice collection of eye shadow shades, a highlight, a blush and two lip/cheek stains all with a rock ‘n roll theme! It was made for me!


I’ll try to get a swatch post for this together soon – Tough one to photo whilst getting the whole palette in there but you get the idea! Love it.
And lastly ‘The Balm’s ‘How ‘Bout Them Apples’ palette – I’d not seen much of this particular one before but I am Such a big fan of their brand as a whole and I was incredibly excited to see the miniature in the box so when I saw that this full sized version was available in the shop I knew it had to be mine – Especially with the warmer weather arriving, I’m going to love trying out these cream formulas!
With 6 different shades, fun names and a big mirror this palette promises to be tonnes of fun to play with. Again, I’ll try to get a swatch post up when I get the chance!

So yes, thank you again, anyone who used my referral link. I can’t believe the goodies I’ve managed to pick up this time, very very pleased with what’s available in the Birchbox shop and, more so, that I could afford them with points! Now to hope that this months box is just as exciting as my haul was!

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  1. Nicola Hudson May 8, 2014 / 9:21 am

    I love the How 'bout them Apples? palette! I got mine from the Birchbox shop too and I've found it so fun to use! The Balm Jovi palette looks amazing too, lucky you 🙂

  2. Ailsa Sinclair May 8, 2014 / 4:08 pm

    Ooh The Balm's 'Balm Jovi' palette looks very tempting. im in the process of making an order using my points but there is so much i want that i cant choose what to get!

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