My Ollie & Nic Sale haul

I’d never heard of Ollie & Nic before but when I saw a photo of the gorgeous bag that Ella over at ‘Hello Wonderful’ had uploaded I was instantly intrigued, I wanted that bag! When she let me know that they had a sale in stores as they were moving out of the stores I was excited that I might be able to afford something but sad that I was discovering them just when they were removing from stores. When I went on to the website almost everything was in their sale, too, so I’m not really sure how things stand for them… I can say that they make very very beautiful things though!With birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I scoured the website – I talked myself out of the bag that had, initially, spiked my interest as I’d already bought a new handbag, not long before, but I was intent on finding something else that I liked, especially with the savings that could be made.

One of the items I decided upon was this purse which is described as a nude colour, which is one of the reasons I like the range as their nudes are very pinky toned. This is called the ‘Zack Zip Top’ purse. It’s a nice sized purse and I really like the useful clutch strap, too, this could be fabulous for a night out (If I ever went out anymore) but I think I’ll be able to find plenty of other uses for it too. It was £9.



This is the ‘Clarence Across body purse’ in Nude and tan. I really fell in love with the design of this and I wanted to get a really teeny bag for when I just need essentials when I take Ethan to nursery or just pop out for a short while. This really is tiny, though, describing it as a purse is very accurate – It does have a bigger pouch towards the back but when I use it I can’t have my phone in it’s padded case and I have to decide between my phone and my keys.


That said, I have pockets so my phone doesn’t exactly have nowhere to go and I absolutely love this little pure/bag – It’s so nice to wear something that’s almost weightless and if I didn’t need my keys my phone would slip nicely in that back compartment too. There’s space for extra bits in the smaller compartment and there’s even card slots in there too. It’s very compact but perfect if you’re travelling light and I love the chain strap too. I got this for £17.50 which is a lot for such a little thing, but what else is birthday money for but little extravagances! (It’s now down to £15 in the sale if you’re interested) – I’m also thinking, I may well end up taking the chain off and just using this as a purse… oh I do love it.
The site offers free delivery if you spent £35 or more and this belt cost only a little more than the cost of delivery would have. I fell for a few belts before this one but they always never had the right size or were out of stock. I really like this one, though, I don’t have a belt much like this and it’s more of that ‘nude’ shade again, slightly less pink toned here but still a touch of it. I like the simple, elongated black buckle and I just like it a lot. £5 for a real leather belt is an absolute steal, anyway!And then there’s the bag… Ok so I decided not to buy the original bag as I didn’t really have the space and I already had a new handbag… So I bought the above and they cost around the same amount that the handbag would have and and and. Ok so I ended up buying the bag! I kept getting Ollie & Nic emails and the bag was just stuck in my head!

Just looook how beautiful with the coral and the scarf and the shape and the… Yes. I am utterly in love with this bag. It was £35 and it was Totally worth it, even if I don’t have the space to store the one I already got (which I still love, just in a different way) – This bag embodies spring and summer for me, it’s so happy and bright and vibrant and SO not the ‘old me’ – I love it.


The added detail of the floral scarf is exactly the sort of thing that would sway a decision for me (when did I become so obsessed with pretty things?!) – I love the little details in all of the product I’ve got from them, just fabulous.


Beautiful floral lining and really big inside pockets, just what I like. The weird thing is is that when I first got it out of the packaging it arrived in I was disappointed because it just didn’t seem very big. Thankfully it’s an absolute tardis of a bag and when I put my Massive Jasper Conran purse in it it just disappears into the depths rather than filling up the whole bag as it does with a lot of my other bags.So yes, I am in love, with the bag, the purses, the belt, the brand!

I have no idea why the massive sale, or the disappearing from stores, I’m actually just ignoring it because I don’t want to know the answer, I’m hoping it’s just a seasonal sale and I’ll be able to buy more beautiful things in the future. But if nothing else I will always own the bag that embodies everything spring and summer for me and I look at it and it makes me smile!

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  1. Mez Made Up May 1, 2014 / 6:37 pm

    haha the whole way I thought you stayed away from the bag and I had to laugh at 'Ok so I ended up buying the bag! I kept getting Ollie & Nic emails and the bag was just stuck in my head!' It's so pretty! Hope you and the bag are happy together lol 🙂

  2. Sharon Taylor May 1, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Lovely haul! I'm really tempted by the lilac satchel but don't know if I can quite justify another handbag – this doesn't mean I won't give in as everything from them is so nice!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  3. Helena Oops May 3, 2014 / 10:29 am

    Thank you for this lovely haul!
    I love evrything!
    So cute!
    Have a fab weekend!

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