My review of my incredibly cute ‘Belo & Me’ lunch bag

Tote bags, shopper bags and jute bags are essentials for many of us, these days. I know I find it hard to remember a time when I didn’t try to make sure I had a re-usable bag, of some description, to whip out and put my shopping in; they save waste, they look pretty and they’re incredibly useful!

One thing I’ve not seen before, though, is mini shoppers being used for other things. And in steps the ‘Belo & Me’ lunch bag!

This jute bag looks tiny, compared to normal shopping style bags it Is tiny, but it’s got a surprisingly big capacity when it comes to loading in your bits and bobs. The dimensions are 20x20x15cm and the girly girl part of me just wants to squeal ‘they’re so cute!’

Trying to remain sensible, though, the fact that they’re a jute bag means that they are really strong and feel as though they’re going to last. As well as a decent capacity they can take quite a good amount of weight, too, and they have a laminated lining so they can be wiped clean which is especially important if you are going to use it as a lunch bag.

There are tonnes of cute designs on the site and it was, actually, rather tough to decide which design to go for but the little birds in a tree picture won me over. The range of designs is impressive, though, and there’s some which seem younger and some which seem older but most remain firmly in the middle and would suit a really wide age range.

I don’t really go anywhere where I’d need a lunch box/bag, though my Mum will be starting a new job soon and I know she thought these were lovely when I showed her, but these bags have plenty of other uses too.

I’ve popped my water bottle and my kindle case in there to show you what can be fit inside – Keep in mind that this is a particularly big water bottle and my kindle case is nearing the size of a tablet rather than just a kindle (as the case is So padded).

Lunch wise you’d be able to get plenty in there but I think it’s fab if you’re just popping out for a quick visit somewhere and you’ll only need basics (and know you won’t end up in the rain) – If I was going to the Dr’s I’d pop my smaller purse, phone and keys in there and I’d have everything I needed, or if you were just going to a friends for a quick visit.

I’ve used this for when I’m going to the local garage to buy some stamps; had my phone and purse in there along with the wedding invites I was taking. The good thing about the bag is that, because it’s quite rigid, you’ve got a decent chance of something not getting as crumpled (as long as you don’t dump something heavy on top.

As well as lunch bags the site (here) suggests these could be party bags, gift bags or mini shoppers. As I’ve said before I’ve used it as a mini shopper and it’s great (it’ll be my first option every time I go to the garage as I often only go for something small) but I love the idea of getting them as gift or party bags too – They’d really add to the gift and make it that little bit more special.

These bags are only £3.75 and when you consider that a gift bag will often be a couple of pounds, anyway, it’s not a massive leap in costs. As a lunch bag, you’ll use it over and over again and, again, as a shopper. These may be tiny but they have Lots of uses (Just today I used mine as a temporary make-up bag to take some cosmetics downstairs so that I could put my make-up on in the living room rather than the bedroom) – Definitely a multi-purpose little bag! And just imagine a little girl with one of these for her lunch, So cute!

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