Primark Haul – May 2014

I haven’t been to town much for a while so when I got the chance to pop in it seemed like prime Primark shopping time (along with plenty of other things but Primark Was a big part of it!) so I’ve got a rather hefty Primark haul to share with you!

There’s a few bits I’ve not photographed but they have awesome Teenage mutant turtles socks for men for £1.50 and I bought a gorgeous floaty teddy/night dress thing for about £7 too, plus I bought pants for £1 a pair but you’re not seeing them this time as I just couldn’t be bothered to photograph my new pants for you all, sorry!

As well as this, when I went back to get the second scarf with my Mum (you’ll understand context when you read further on) I managed to get Skye’s shoes for the wedding (as I’d had her shoe size confirmed by her Mum) but I’ve decided I’ll save a photo of those for the wedding post I’m planning so you’ll just have to wait and see how pretty they are! Anyway, on to the hauling.

These boots were one of my favourite finds of the shop – I have some higher boots, from Primark, which are made of a much more plastic feeling fake leather and I bought them over 5 years ago so they’re not at their best! These ones are a really nice ankle height and, although it’s still obviously fake, they’re made of a much nicer feeling fake leather. Primark is one of those places where my size is normally missing but not this time, they had fours and even more importantly they were £5! They were £18, marked down to 10 and then again down to 5, amazing bargain!
I wanted to get a couple of pairs of leggings but I found these and they cost the same as two pairs of leggings so they’re £6, rather than 3. I just really liked them, though, and thought they’d make a really nice difference to plain coloured ones. They’re in a different fabric, too, so I’m hoping they’ll take longer to bobble. I got these in a size 12, even though I’m a 10, because I find Primark leggings to be a super tight fit – Of course, in this instance, they aren’t and I could easily have fit a 10, but never mind I still love em!
This beautiful, lightweight dusky pink scarf with seams of tiny sequins sewn in really caught my attention. These muted pinks are exactly what I’m going for with the wedding because they’re the colours I love at the moment. This was only £3 and I’ve found that this style of scarf can be Really warm if you need them to be, so they can be really handy in the tempestuous weather systems that we have (We actually went back and bought a second one of these for my Mum to make flowers with, for my wedding, as she’s been struggling to find fabric in the right sort of shade)
I got a few nice accessories whilst I was there, too. The big chunky purse is a similar look to my new River Island bag (Though different sort of colour) and it’s just not quite as massive as my beloved Jasper Conran purse which can sometimes just be Too Big. This purse was only £4 and it feels a lot better made than other Primark purses I’ve had in the past.

The little peach and white striped thing is a fold away shopper – They’re making them smaller and smaller, which I love. My Mum got a gorgeous little one from somewhere else recently and this reminded me that I wanted something Really really small, too, so handy for keeping in your bag without taking up loads of space as older. bigger ones do. This was £1 (I think, maybe £1.50) and came in a couple of shades of stripes as well as black and white and red and white polka dots.

I got the little compact mirror because I have Lots of compact mirrors but almost always never know where they are! So what’s the harm in one more. These ones are £1 and are surprisingly good quality to feel, when you consider the price. I loved the butterfly print on this one.

I also picked up some of these gel cushion thingies… no idea if they’ll be any good but for £2.50 I thought I’d try. I’m always in pain with the fibro and I struggle with any shoes that aren’t trainers so hopefully these will give nice, prettier shoes a better chance! They had ones just for the heels, some for the back of your heels and some for the ball of your foot – Some very interesting ideas.

I fell in love with this aztec print vest almost instantly and the fact that it was marked down to £2 only made that better! I’ve worn this already and feel so comfy in it but also feel like it looks really nice with some skinny jeans.
My other bargain top. This top seems to go weird, light wise, when photographed -Hopefully the bottom picture is better and you can definitely tell that that’s a swirling pattern that’s almost embossed into the fabric – It’s Really really pretty and I loved it in cream but wasn’t sure. When I was at the sale rack I found it marked down to £2 in black and snapped it up straight away. 
One of the main reasons I needed to go to Primark was to get bigger socks for Ethan, his current ones have just outlived their usefulness and are far too tricky to get on and off. I was hoping for something with cars, or monsters or something fun on them but all I could get was grey and black stripes and plain black. The striped ones were £2.50 for 5 pairs and the plain black were £2.50 or £2.00 for 7 pairs. So they may not be exciting but he has lots of them! (Thankfully he has some awesome superhero socks that Grandma picked up for him in Asda so he’s got some that are fun too!)
I’ve seen quite a few fun boys things online but once I got in to our store it seemed apparent that none of them were present – I searched and searched as I wanted to get him something to make up for disappointing socks haha! Thankfully, in their World cup section I found this Rio 2 tee – I scoured ebay looking for a Rio tee for him and I managed to get one (but it’s clearly a transfer on a tee, it’ll last no time at all) so it was a mixture of relief and ‘arrggg so much searching!’ to find this. But Ethan loves it and you’ll see it again soon when I post up his first outfit of the day post!

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