Some fantastic Spring/Summer footwear from Shoe Zone – My favourite new sandals

I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out some shoes from the spring/summer range at Shoe Zone. I’m actually already a big Shoe Zone fan, they’re my go to for wellies and slippers for Ethan and slippers, pumps and sandals for me – Fantastic prices and free delivery, what more could you want?

I made a couple of choices from their collection and then left it to be a surprise as to which of the two I got, I like surprises!

And this is the pair that arrived! These are the ‘Lilley – Strappy Wedge Flower Sandals’ in black and I Love them! I was instantly impressed with how good quality the sandals look; worth much more than their very reasonable £12.99!

I love the flower detailing on the front and I’m not normally one for ‘blingy’ fake gems or the likes but I think they work really well on these – The flowers give a lovely summery feel but the crystals in the flowers add a little extra and mean that you could dress them up for a casual, but more evening look on a warm summer evening… can you tell I sorted drifted off and stated imagining then?

Please forgive my feet, they need some work before sandal season really kicks in.

But anyway, digressing as always! One thing I can’t do very well with shoes is heels, I try to avoid heels where possible because we just don’t work – I could go with something a Little higher than these but these are definitely well within my comfort zone, a teeny bit of height but nothing scary!

These are definitely going to be beautiful with lilac, sky blue, coral, pink… the list goes on – I can’t wait to get wearing lots more spring, summer friendly nail polish shades and showing them off with these lovely shoes.

I’ve worn these with leggings and a skater dress mostly, but they also go nicely with skinny jeans or jeggings – To be honest they couldn’t be more diverse, I think I could wear these with most things (apart from my baggy jeans, maybe… that might not work).

I’m not good at sandals, or any sort of shoe, that is prone to falling off the foot very often – Flip flops do Not work for me. I find when I wear them my foot ends up trying grip the shoe and it just makes the muscles in my legs unhappy (darn fibro) – Thankfully these have fabulous straps and they stay Very happily on my feet, I can totally relax when I’m wearing them (I’ve lost a flip flop half way across the road before, that wasn’t fun). All in all I found them really comfy and I will be wearing them Lots!

Oh, and if you were wondering what the other pair that I’d put on my short list was…

After I saw what great quality the ones I’ve featured was, I just couldn’t stop thinking about the other pair I’d loved – I’ve never had any gladiator style sandals before and I just love these. They’re the ‘Lilley – Black Strappy Wedge Gladiator Sandal’ and they’re £14.99. So if you weren’t sure that I meant it about loving the first pair, why would I have bough another pair from the same range if it wasn’t true?! (Well, of course, I hope that you believed me anyway as I insist upon always being honest with you!).

I think you can safely expect to see these, both, in photos in the future – I really want to do some look of the day posts and I think I’ll be wearing these a lot.

I received one of these pairs of sandals as a press sample, the other I bought – see disclaimer here


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